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1991 - The Earth Is... Detail

1. Stronger Than The Night
2. Without You
3. The Earth Is
4. Speaking Of Love
5. She's Got The Answer
6. Stop The Tears
7. Dame Amor
8. Dancing With The Mountain
9. Love Conquers Time

10. Bread And Blood

[Graham Russell/Michael Sherwood/David Young]
[Tom Evans, Pete Ham]
[G.Russell, M.Sherwood]
[Jimmy Haun/G.Russell/M.Sherwood/D.Young]
[Larry Antonino/Jimmy Haun/G.Russell/M.Sherwood]
[G.Russell/M.Sherwood/Jan Buckingham/Jaime Kyle]
[Jimmy Haun/G.Russell/M.Sherwood]
[G.Russell/Gerald Milne]
[G.Russell/Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulvaeus/Stig Anderson/ M.Sherwood/D.Young]
[Graham Russell]
LP: 7599-24426-1 / CD: 7559-24426-2

Lead vocals:
Acoustic guitar and vocals:
Bass Guitar and vocals
Drums and percussion:
Electric guitar:

Russell Hitchcock
Graham Russell
Larry Antonino
Ralph Cooper, Machito Sanchez
Jimmy Haun
Tom Scott
Guy Allison, M.Sherwood, Randy Kerber, Brad Buxer, David Young
Produced and Engineered By Harry Maslin
© 1991 Giant
1993 - The Vanishing Race Detail

1. It's Never Too Late
2. Faith
3. Kiss Me Like You Mean It
4. Evidence Of Love
5. Goodbye
6. The Vanishing Race
7. Don't Tell Me
8. Too Sentimental
9. I Remember Love
10. I'll Be Thinking Of You

[Graham Russell/Michael Sherwood]
[Rick Hahn, George Thatcher]
[Graham Russell/Guy Allison/Clifford Rehrig]
[Steve Diamond/Chris Farron]
[David Foster/Linda Thompson]
[G.Russell/Larry Antonino/Michael Sherwood]
[G.Russell/Jimmy Haun/Michael Sherwood]
[Brad Buxer, Graham Russell]
[Graham Russell/Michael Sherwood]
[Graham Russell]
CD: 9 24494-2

Acoustic Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Electric Guitar:

Russell Hitchcock
Graham Russell, Dean Parks
Clifford Rehrig, Billy Sherwood, Leland Sklar, Neil Stubenhaus
Guy Allison, Robbie Buchanan, Brad Buxer
Michael Baird, Vinnie Colaiuta, Paulinho Da Costa, Rafael Padilla
Dean Parks, Tim Pierce, Michael Thompson
Steve Tavaglione
Produced and Mixed By Humberto Gatica For Hum Inc.
Executive Producer: Graham Russell
© 1993 Giant
1995 - News From Nowhere Detail

1. Someone
2. Just Between The Lines
3. Heart Of The Rose
4. Unchained Melody
5. Feel For Your Love
6. News From Nowhere
7. Always
8. Can't Stop The Rain
9. Primitive Man
10. Spirit Of Love

11. I Know You Better Than You Think

[Guy Allison/Graham Russell]
[Graham Russell/Rex Goh]
[Graham Russell]
[Alex North/Hy Zaret]
[ G.Russell/Billy Sherwood/Marty Walsh]
[Graham Russell]
[Guy Allison/G.Russell/Michael Sherwood]
[Guy Allison/Graham Russell]
[Guy Allison/Graham Russell]
[G.Russell/Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulvaeus/M.Sherwood]
[Graham Russell/J.S. Bach]
CD: 74321-25718-2


Lead vocals:
Electric guitars:
Acoustic guitars:
Hammond organ:

Russell Hitchcock, Graham Russell
Paulinho Da Costa, Billy Sherwood, Mark Towner Williams
Larry Antonino
Michael Thompson
Graham Russell, Marty Walsh
Guy Allison, Hans Zermuellen
Lili Haydn
Michael Ruff
Produced by Graham Russell
© 1995 Giant
1995 - Greatest Hits Live... Detail

1. Making Love Out of Nothing at All
2. Chances
3. Lost in Love
4. Here I Am
5. Sweet Dreams
6. Someone
7. I Want To Give It All
8. Always

9. Unchained Melody
10. Without You
11. The One That You Love
12. Goodbye
13. All Out Of Love
14. The Way I Feel(Studio)
15. Now And Forever(Studio)
CD: 74321-30617-2 / Cassette: 74321-30617-4

Rhythm Guitar and Vocals:
Bass and Vocals:
Drums and Percussion:


Russell Hitchcock
Graham Russell
Clifford Rehrig
Mark Williams
Guy Allison
Recorded Live in Taipei. Taiwan R.O.C. 15 & 16 June 1995
Except Track 14&15 Recorded at Ocean Studios. Los Angeles. California
© 1995 Giant
1997 - The Book of Love Detail

1. The Book of Love
2. Strong, Strong Wind
3. So Much Love
4. When I Say
5. We The People
6. Once
7. Let's Stay Together Tonight
8. Daybreak
9. Mother Said
10. Would You Ever Walk Away
11. All That You Want

[Graham Russell]
[Diane Warren]
[Graham Russell/Tom Evans]
[Graham Russell]
[Graham Russell/Mark Williams]
[Jed Moss/Graham Russell]
[Clifford Rehrig/Russell/Noble Williams]
[Graham Russell]
[Graham Russell]
[Graham Russell]
[Guy Allison/Graham Russell]
CD: 9-24686-2


Guitar and Vocals:
Bass and Vocals:
Electric Guitar:
Drums and Percussion:
Background Vocal:


Russell Hitchcock
Graham Russell
Clifford Rehrig , Abraham Laboriel
Rex Goh
Paulinho Da Costa, Bobby Gilcken, Rafael Padilla
Guy Allison, Randy Kerber, John Philip Shenale
The Beejeagles: R.Hitchcock, G.Russell & M.Sherwood
Produced by Sageman for A Nice Pear Inc.
© 1997 Giant


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