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All Out Of Love, But Not Hits (附译文)

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All Out Of Love, But Not Hits
NOVEMBER 17, 2011
Air Supply celebrates 36 years upon the soft rock throne

By Bill Lynch

  CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If you ask him to explain it, Air Supply’s Russell Graham doesn’t know how, exactly, he writes the kind of songs he writes.”I really don’t know much about songwriting,” he said. “I’ve been doing it for 50 years, but it’s still a great mystery to me.” It’s a mystery that more than once was lightning in a bottle for the soft rock juggernauts best known for hits like “All Out of Love,” “Lost in Love,” “Here I Am” and “Making Love Out of Nothing at All.” The duo, which performs Friday at the Clay Center, scored eight hit singles, one release after another, in the early 1980s. In pop music, it was a remarkable feat and was only achieved by a handful of bands, including The Beatles. Graham said neither he nor his musical partner, Russell Hitchcock, expected they’d do that. “We used to think about that, what it would be like,” Graham said. “We never expected it to happen.” And even when it did happen, they were really too busy to enjoy it. “Those first five or six years, we were always on the road,” he said. “We’d hop on a bus for nine months, come off, go home to Australia for three months, do another album and do it all over again. “While we had all those hits, it was like we knew it was happening, but it was like we were watching it happen from the outside looking in.” Air Supply was founded in 1975 after Graham and Hitchcock met during a production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” in Australia. The group had moderate success there then suddenly hit big in the U.S. in 1980 with “Lost in Love.” Two other singles followed that year, and the band became a musical phenomenon. “There were a couple of groups like us,” Graham said. “Like The Police, they were very big at about the same time. We were different genres, but the same kind of thing.” Air Supply’s popularity waned somewhat in the United States toward the middle of the decade. The band charted fewer hits but still continued to release records and perform around the world. Some of the places were new for acts known primarily in the English-speaking world. In 1995, Air Supply toured China. “That was very weird,” Graham remembered. “We’d play an arena with 25 thousand seats, and everyone sat down. Around the perimeter, there was all the Red Guard with machine guns. If anyone even looked like they were going to stand up, the guards would motion for them to remain seated.” Air Supply also played Vietnam, Taiwan and El Salvador, which not only made the band new fans but also opened up venues for many other artists. Lately, of course, Air Supply has had a nice resurgence. “We released our 16th record last year, and surprise, surprise, we had two Top 30 hits,” he laughed.

  Graham has no idea how that happened. As far as he can tell, Air Supply still does the same thing it’s always done. He writes most of the songs, though songwriting isn’t something he plans for. “I just know when it’s coming,” he said. “I’m a big believer in inspiration strikes pretty fast. It’s like thunder and lightning and you have to grab it.” Air Supply’s best work, Graham said, was all written in just a few minutes. “Lost in Love was written in 15 minutes. Most of our other big hits were written in half an hour or maybe an hour. That’s just the way they come.” After the songs are written, Graham often records them and plays them for Russell, who has final say on what he sings. “Russell has the high voice,” Graham said. “It’s much higher than mine, and usually, he’ll say something about whether we should take it up a couple of steps or drop it down lower.” And sometimes he turns the song down or pushes it back toward Graham. “We let the universe take its shape,” he said. “We don’t plan that much.” The music, Graham added, really isn’t very complicated: just four or five chords, none of them especially fancy. No one, he said, is ever wondering how he did something. “But our music is passionate,” he said. “It comes from a great place. It’s love, and love is serious, not complicated. Love is the simplest thing in the world, even if we don’t know anything about it — least of all, me.”
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  尽管我们是不同的流派,但我们心中对音乐的热爱是一样的。“air supply的受欢迎程度在85年的时候有所减弱。他们计划减少一些演唱会,但仍继续出新的唱片,并开始全球巡演。到一些主要说英语而且他们没有到过的国家演出。在1995年,air supply来到了中国。“我们很吃惊,”格雷厄姆回忆。“当时我们在有2万5千个座位的场馆演出,而且座无虚席。场边都有带枪的保安维持秩序。甚至如果有人想要站起来,保安示意他们不要站起来。“空气供应也起到了越南,台湾及萨尔瓦多,不仅使乐队的新歌迷还像。最近,air supply有一个不错的复苏。“去年我们推出了我们第16张专辑,最让我们惊喜的是其中两首在畅销歌曲排行榜前30”他笑了。

  空中补给乐队庆祝36年轻摇滚王座   -如果你问罗素格雷厄姆为什么写这种类型的歌曲,他也不知道怎么解释,他说:“我真的不精通词曲创作,尽管我已经做了50年,但词曲创作对我而言还是一个巨大的神秘。”这是一个谜,热门的轻摇滚歌曲像“了爱,” “在爱中迷失,”我在这里“和”让爱凭空而生 都是灵光一现时的创作。“在20世纪80年代初,他们二人周五在克莱森特 中心的演出被人们牢记,其中8首歌挤入热门单曲榜单,而且不断有新歌出炉。在流行乐坛中,这是一个了不起的壮举,包括披头士乐队在内只有少数乐队有这样的成就,。格雷厄姆说,他和他的音乐伙伴罗素希区柯克,梦想他们可以达到这一点。“我们经常想象,它会像什么,”格雷厄姆说。“我们从不奢望它发生。”


  但是,即使它确实发生过,他们实在太忙碌而不能享受它。“那些最初的五,六年里,我们总是在路上,”他说。“我们希望在公交车上唱了九个月,然后,回澳大利亚演出三个月,做另一张专辑,并乐此不疲。“虽然我们的那些演唱会正如我们计划的那样成功,,但收到如此欢迎却让我们受宠若惊。”air suppy成立于1975年,格雷厄姆和希区柯克在澳大利亚的“耶稣的生产基督巨星“上相遇。乐队在1980年凭借一首“在爱中迷失”在美国一举成名。另外两首单曲紧随其后,当年乐队也掀起了一片狂潮。“像我们这样的乐队有很多,”格雷厄姆说。“想police乐队一样,他们当时也很火。



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两个top 30 hits是啥呀
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winning11 发表于 2013-5-4 12:42
两个top 30 hits是啥呀

“Dance with me” 进入了Billboard 最高24名。这是自从80年代以来的最高排名了。另外一支单曲是Faith In Love,但是名次不详~

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