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第十四章:婚礼的钟声 (1986) (Wedding Bells)

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Chapter Fourteen: Wedding Bells (1986)

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      Graham and Russell hoped to spend less time on the road in 1986 so they could work on personal projects, but their contract with Arista forced them back into the studio. Clive Davis knew the risks involved when band members express a desire to work on solo material. “I always worry when, between band projects, the individual members go off and do their own thing,” he said. “I understand the impulse to work outside the format of the band and spread your creative wings, but with the rare exception, solo excursions don’t do as well, and then the band has to scramble to come up with an album’s worth of material.”

      Russell and Paula were married on February 15, with Graham acting as best man. The wedding took place at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles and was attended by 150 guests including Clive Davis and Priscilla Presley. Russell and Paula had become good friends with Priscilla Presley after they were introduced by Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong. The newlyweds moved into Russell’s suburban Los Angeles home, and postponed the honeymoon so that Russell could get back into the studio and work on the new album. Russell enjoyed his time being single and took full advantage of all the perks being a rock star provided, but he knew it was time to settle down. The days of crazy after-show parties were over. “We are not nineteen or twenty anymore you know,” said Russell. “I went through all that eight years ago. It was fun to be promiscuous but that all catches up with you and then it just gets boring. One of the fun things about marrying somebody or having a serious relationship is the chase and the courtship. If you open the backstage door and five girls are there saying ‘step into my office,’ it’s no fun you know. All that stuff gets tiring very quickly unless you have the mentality of some of the people in this business who like to bolster their ego. In the eleven years that Air Supply has been together, we have seen and done it all. But now our focus is on the right things, like family and keeping in shape.”

      On April 1, Graham and Russell performed at the 4th Annual Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Beauty Pageant. The two-hour special was taped in Honolulu, and was syndicated nationally and internationally on April 11. The duo previewed a new song, ‘Stars In Your Eyes,’ from their forthcoming album. “I really wanted to be a judge,” joked Russell, “but my wife said ‘No way,’ because according to her I’m at that dangerous age when all women look alike...desirable.”

Air Supply 1986 Resized.jpg
(L-R) Greg, Ralph, Graham, Russell, Don, Robin

      Longtime keyboardist Frank Esler-Smith left Air Supply. His departure was a shock to the band and a potentially serious blow from an artistic perspective. “We were surprised when Frank quit,” said Graham. “He’d been with us for ten years. He wanted to stay in Australia. But it worked out for the best. We went ahead and made a few other changes at the same time. It was good to get a bit of fresh blood.”

      In May, Ken Rarick and Wally Stocker quit the band too. Rarick’s tenure in Air Supply was much longer than he had anticipated. After getting married in October of 1983, he agreed to stay for just two tours plus a recording session in the Caribbean. “I certainly don’t want to tour forever,” he said. “We are very interested in having a family and I don’t want to be an absentee father.” Wally Stocker joined the English rock band Humble Pie. Rarick and Esler-Smith were replaced by Robin Swensen and Greg ‘Harpo’ Hilfman. Replacing Wally Stocker was Los Angeles-based session guitarist Tim Godwin. Don Cromwell and Ralph Cooper remained with the band. “The new members are basically studio players who wanted to go out on the road and see how the other half lives,” said Graham.

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      Graham and Russell had a specific vision for the new album. They wanted to bring back the harmonies and powerful strings, which had been a staple in their successful early recordings. To make this happen, a considerable amount of the albums recording budget was spent on hiring two successful producers, Bernard Edwards (former Chic bassist) and John Boylan.

      Bernard Edwards, a highly respected producer, having worked on successful albums for Duran Duran, Power Station and Robert Palmer, produced most of Air Supply’s new album. “When we told the guy who represents us that we were doing another album he suggested that we get in touch with Bernard,” said Russell. “And it all sort of came about from there. We were surprised at first. But it was a real pleasure to work with him.” Edwards was granted full artistic control provided he was able to bring back some of the band’s former sound, but with a tougher edge. He used session musicians rather than the band members in Air Supply. These session players were some of the finest in the world, including Power Station drummer Tony Thompson, guitarist Eddie Martinez (noted for his work with Mick Jagger and Run D.M.C.), and keyboardist Jeff Bova from Herbie Hancock’s band. Bernard Edwards, regarded as one of the most important bass players of the 20th century, played bass. Edwards and Thompson were perhaps the funkiest, most stylish rhythm section of the 80s. “We were after a certain sound and it was up to them to give it to us,” said Graham. “We let them use the people they wanted. The session players really wanted to test their skills in our vein of music. And they got into it to an incredible degree.” In the end, Edwards felt he was able to produce the sort of sound they were looking for: “Russell and Graham wanted a little more edge to their sound and some funky rhythms, and I gave it to them.”

Air Supply 1986 Resized .jpg

      Clive Davis and John Boylan produced two tracks for the new album, ‘Lonely Is The Night’ and ‘One More Chance.’ Bolan was best known for his work on hit albums from Boston, the Little River Band, and Linda Ronstadt. Bolan, like Bernard Edwards, was careful to give Air Supply the sound they wanted, while staying true to their own musical tastes. He used established session players, including guitarist Michael Landau, keyboardist John Capek, and percussionist Michael Botts. “Even though [Bolan’s] an old friend,” said Russell, “we’ve never had the opportunity to work together before. It was a real treat. We used real strings again. Lots of dual vocals and the rest is practically ‘au natural.’ The emphasis is on the rhythm section and natural-sounding instruments. Making [this] album is going to cost close to $1 million before we get money back from it.”

      On June 7, Graham and 21-year-old Jodi Varble were married in Jodi’s hometown of Rockford, Illinois. Russell was the best man and sang ‘Now and Forever’ during the ceremony. Immediately following the wedding, the newlyweds flew to Australia for a second wedding ceremony to accommodate Graham’s extended family. “They were completely different weddings so it was new each time,” said Jodi. “We just decided it would be more convenient to have two.” The newlyweds moved into a beautiful home in Malibu, which they eventually shared with several dogs.

Air Supply with Tommy Lasorda July 11, 1986.jpg
Air Supply with Tommy Lasorda - July 11, 1986

      On July 11, Graham and Russell sang the National Anthem before the nationally televised Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs game. It was an exciting occasion for the duo from Australia; not only did they pay tribute to their new homeland (both recently relocated to Southern California), but also to fellow Aussie and Dodger infielder, Craig Shipley, who is a native of Sydney, Australia. Shipley was only the second major league player in baseball history to originally come from Australia.   

     Air Supply planned an American tour in support of the new album, starting on July 30 with a concert in Kansas City, and lasting three months. “We’ve cut down drastically on the touring,” said Graham. “It’s more exciting this way because we’re not going out there blind from playing shows all the time. We’re picking our shows now and it used to be that we’d play anywhere they’d pay us for playing. We’re fussier now and there are certain countries we won’t go to.” Russell was confident the band could function and continue to tour despite the changes in their personal lives: “My wife is a flight attendant so she has a lot of flexible time. If I give her enough notice, she can plan to be out next month for four or five trips. Graham’s wife is a model so she has a lot of flexible time as well. It makes us perform better because we are happy in ourselves, and they are happy because they can see a lot of us. Plus, they are not wondering what we are doing or who we are with.”

hearts in motion lp large resoltion canon.JPG

      The forthcoming album’s lead single, ‘Lonely Is The Night,’ was released July 23. It was written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren, and was hand-picked by Clive Davis. It made sense to pair Warren with Air Supply because she was already an established writer of romantic music. Her first big hit, called ‘Solitaire,’ was written in 1983 for Laura Branigan. But it was her next hit that brought her major attention: DeBarge’s ‘Rhythm Of The Night.’ At one point, she had seven songs by seven different artists on the chart, and had the top two as well.

      “By this time, I had forged a close relationship with Diane Warren,” said Clive Davis, “a songwriter whose career was really heating up. She would come to see me a the Beverly Hills Hotel, open up a big bag filled with cassettes, and play song after song for me, so intensely and with so much nervous energy that you would think her life literally depended on what I thought. Diane lives, breathes, is consumed by music. I’m not entirely certain if she ever sleeps. She’s extremely prolific, and her percentage of exceptional songs is very high. I would listen to song after song, each once preceded and followed-and often interrupted-by her breathless questions. ‘Do you love it? Is this not the best I’ve every written?’ She would practically be hyperventilating. Most of the time, she’d mention Whitney, which was understandable. No one was bigger, and getting a song placed on a Whitney album was a coveted achievement.”

Lonely Is The Night Video Shoot 1986.jpg
'Lonely Is The Night' Video Shoot

      Neither Graham or Russell liked ‘Lonely Is The Night,’ and initially were not happy it was included on the album. The decision to release it as the first single only increased their frustration. “When we did this song I was never totally into it,” said Graham. “I didn’t feel it was strong enough, but many people did. It was during a strange time in our career. The record company picks the songs to release as singles. It’s not the one I would have picked.”

      Four weeks after its release, ‘Lonely Is The Night’ reached a high of #78 on Billboard. “I guess radio didn’t seem to want to play Air Supply at the time or they didn’t like the song or the record,” said Diane Warren. “In other words... it didn’t happen.” VH-1 aired a promotional music video of the single, which was one of two songs that Air Supply filmed on the same day during their summer tour of the States. The live performance videos were directed and produced by John B. House, and shot by Rock Solid Productions with two Betacam cameras at L.A.’s art-deco landmark, the Beverly Theatre. “They advertised that is was going to be a video shoot so there was a lot of fans there screaming and waving flowers,” recalls Russell. “There was ‘Lonely Is The Night’ and ‘One More Chance’ that was done on the same stage, but I think we changed shirts,” laughed Graham.

Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson.jpg
Bernard Edwards (Left) & Tony Thompson

      The album ‘Hearts In Motion’ was released worldwide on August 12. The album cover was the first since ‘The One That You Love’ to use a different typeface for the band’s name, perhaps an attempt to show that Air Supply was moving in a new direction. Musically, the album was much different than anything Air Supply had done in the past. Many of the tracks were built upon the heavy drum beats of Tony Thompson, and the prominent basslines of Bernard Edwards similar to those he contributed to Power Station’s self-titled 1985 album. “It’s a lot more of a tougher sound,” said Russell. “In a way we got back to basics because there’s a lot more of Graham and I singing on this record than the last one. Basically, in the last three or four [records] we were making the same sounding albums. I was always happy with the results at the time, but you always think there’s something you can do a bit different or better. I guess after the last album we wanted to get a sound with a little more high tech to it. I think this will open us up to people who have never heard our music before.”

      “When the music scene changes,” said Clive Davis, “you can’t be content with just doing more of what you’ve been doing all along, however good you may be at it. You can’t just relive your former glory. That’s the hardest thing for executives, even very creative executives, to understand. For that matter, it’s the hardest thing for artists to understand. You’ve got to know when you’ve got to build for the future. You can’t just look in the mirror and see the embodiment of all the chart success and positive reviews you’ve gotten. You have to see yourself and the market as objectively as possible, as hard as that can be in a field as subjective as music. Your own taste is not the issue. At every moment you have to ask yourself, Is music changing? Is radio changing? What was a hit five years ago might no longer be a hit today. Music is always evolving, and it’s essential to understand how and when it does, and what you need to do about it.”  

1986 Fan Club Convention.jpg
Fan Club Activities

      The inaugural North American Air Supply fan club gathering took place on August 11-12, in Philadelphia. It was an exciting time for fans because the band was in the midst of their summer tour and ‘Hearts In Motion’ had just hit record store shelves. The event started with a dinner at the Dunfey City Line Hotel where fans interacted with the band. The following day, a softball game was played in a nearby park and featured fans versus band members. The fan club gathering concluded that evening with a live Air Supply performance.

      ‘Hearts In Motion’ got mixed reviews. Some critics felt the band had gone to the well once too often with the same old love songs:

      ‘Hearts In Motion’ offers nothing really new. The songs are still loaded with romantic, cliche-ridden lyrics about loves lost, loves current and anticipation of future loves. If it weren’t for love, Graham and Russell would have nothing to sing about. One of the album’s best cuts is a remake of the Albert Hammond-Dianne Warren song ‘Lonely Is The Night,’ though songs like ‘It’s Not Too Late’ and ‘One More Chance’ could score well on the charts as well. - Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah
Australian pop duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell have been a dominant force among adult contemporary artists. ‘Hearts In Motion’ is a solid outing and promises to extend their hot streak, with ‘My Heart’s With You,’ ‘Lonely Is The Night’ and ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ particularly noteworthy offerings. - Billboard

      Graham and Russell were at a point in their careers where they were not about to make drastic changes to satisfy a few critics. “We did it because we liked it,” said Graham. “We certainly did not do it for financial reasons. We had made enough money, so if we didn’t want to be doing it, we wouldn’t have.”

1986 Hearts in motion Promo.JPG
‘Hearts In Motion’ Advertisement

      The tour of 1986 was labeled ‘In Motion Tour ’86’ and featured similar lighting and effects to the previous tour. The band changed their onstage image, moving towards a sophisticated and elegant look, reminiscent of the ‘New Romantic Fashion’ made popular by such bands as Spandau Ballet, ABC and Duran Duran. The tour focused mostly on Graham and Russell up front, with the band taking a backseat compared to 1985’s ‘Power Of Love’ tour. The band played loud, but rarely got a chance to strut their stuff, except for the obligatory drum solo from Ralph Cooper and a few guitar riffs from Tim Godwin. The focus was clearly on Russell’s clear tenor, which commanded the spotlight most nights.

      The summer tour across the U.S. and Canada was considered a success. The only setbacks were a broken-down tour bus, and the cancellation of a show in Atlanta, because Russell’s tonsils were swollen and was under doctor’s orders not to sing or use his voice. Guitarist Tim Godwin described the bus incident; “We were in Detroit playing Pine Knob Amphitheatre [on August 7]. It was hot and humid and it was my birthday. We played a show that night, and the next day was a travel day. Which meant no matter what happened that night we could all sleep on the bus to the next city. My buds DC and Robin were up to showing me a good time. ‘We are going to party all night’ were the words told to me after the show. Ralph and Harpo hung in for a bit, but they knew better. They had a few drinks and were off to their rooms for a good night sleep. So needless to say, we stayed up till about 5 a.m.. Since we had a 7 a.m. lobby call, that gave us time to shower, pack and get on the bus. About twenty minutes into what I believe was some of the best and deepest sleep that I had had in a long time, was suddenly interrupted by a loud banging sound and jolt that nearly threw me out of my bunk. The bus veered to the side of the road. The drive shaft had snapped in two. Now these aren’t the type of buses that you pick up at Avis. So a call was made for some type of vehicle to come pick us up. We needed something big enough to carry eight people, some luggage and guitars. Of coarse that would be an all-window passenger van. We were packed like sardines, with our sunglasses on and leaning on each other for six hours.”

Hearts In Motion Tour Guide 1986 Med Quality.jpg
1986 Tour Book

      Music critics were pleasantly surprised with Air Supply’s three-month summer tour. Critics who quickly slammed the band in years past now provided a more thoughtful critique:
Even though the sentiments remain treacly, the attack has toughened, and Air Supply has learned how to pace itself. While they featured their classics - ‘Lost In Love,’ ‘All Out Of Love’ and ‘I Can Wait Forever,’ they sharpened their attitude and playing, particularly in the second set, which featured four new tunes from their new, and most listenable, album. Hitchcock continued to astonish with his versatile, expressive voice, and Russell simply proved he should sing more, and be less of a wallflower. On their new tunes, particularly the hard-rocking ‘Put Love In Your Life’ and their current single, ‘Lonely Is The Night,’ the seven-men strong band effectively blasted an audience that in the past might have come to be sedated. - Schenectady Gazette, Schenectady, New York

      In concert, Air Supply opted for a more rhythmic beat, especially on tunes such as ‘Even The Nights Are Better’ and ‘Time For Love,’ off its new album. While the band relies heavily on a synthesizer-oriented approach to its fluff-pop, the group took on a funky edge with its new material. - The Milwaukee Sentinel

Don Arden Russell Hitchcock_edited brighter-1_edited-1.jpg
(L-R) Russell, Don Arden, David Arden, Tony Iommi

      Air Supply manager Don Arden found himself in serious legal trouble in 1985 when he and his son, David, were charged by British authorities with assault on Harshad Patel, an accountant working for Jet Records. Remarkably, Arden did not have a criminal record, but this accusation was considered very serious. The charges included kidnapping, blackmail, torture and assault. Arden was arrested on the charge in Los Angeles in October of 1985, and remained free on $175,000 bond pending completion of extradition proceedings. He voluntarily returned to London for a long and drawn-out court case. It was one of the most dramatic court cases in pop history, and also one of the most expensive.

      To help pay for the legal proceedings, Jet Records pleaded for money from the bands they represented. Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi wrote about these events in his 2012 book titled Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell With Black Sabbath; “I was asked to help [Arden] out, just like the other band that he managed, Air Supply. His lawyer said to me, ‘Look, Don’s in a lot of trouble. We need to help him out otherwise he’s going to die in that jail, he’s never going to be able to stand it. We’ve got three hundred grand off Air Supply. Could you put some money in as well?  You‘ll get it back. We’ll draw up these papers and everything will be sorted.’ So I did. I put fifty or sixty grand in. Never got it back, of course, and neither did Air Supply as far as I know. Suddenly all the papers we had signed got lost. What a mess. In the end somebody had to go to jail and Don’s son, David, got incarcerated instead of his father. David basically covered for Don and did the time.”

Santa Barbara 1986 Air Supply.jpg
Air Supply on TV Soap Santa Barbara

      In 1993, Arden sold Jet Records and all his publishing interests for $40 million. He was 67 years old and decided it was time to close down the store. “When you go with the best lawyers they want the most money,” said Arden. “So it was rather hurtful. They say that every empire must one day crumble and fall. And so it was with me in the late eighties. I had already begun selling off various parts of the business. I had also ditched Sabbath and then Air Supply and one or two other projects. In truth, by the mid-eighties I suppose I was simply getting bored with the whole business. Did I take my eye off the ball, though? Yes, I suppose I did. Often I would leave David to run the L.A. office while I went off on another trip. After so many years spent working, fighting, clawing my way to the top, the truth is I simply couldn’t be bothered with it anymore. There had to be more to life.”

      Russell’s desire to return to acting was realized, albeit briefly, when he and the rest of Air Supply appeared on NBC’s daytime drama Santa Barbara. Taking time out from their current concert tour, Air Supply were invited to star in three episodes written especially for them. Portraying themselves, Graham and Russell became entangled with the show’s villainous Gina Capwell en route to C.C. Capwell’s wedding, shot on location at a Gothic cathedral in downtown Los Angeles. Air Supply performed three songs: ‘Stars In Your Eyes,’ ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Sweet Dreams.’ The shows aired November 12-14. “We did Santa Barbara and actually had lines, but it was dreadful,” laughed Russell. “Daytime dramas are what life’s really all about: chaotic descents into backstabbing and shattered romance.”

One More Chance Single 45 Edited.jpg
'One More Chance' - U.S.

      ‘Hearts In Motion’ was not exactly flying off record store shelves, so choosing the next single was of the utmost importance. In October, Arista released ‘One More Chance’ (AS1-9542). It was written by Richard Page, John Lang and Steve George of the band Mr. Mister. It was the fifth consecutive single to be written by someone other than Graham, who believed that either ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ or ‘Put Love In Your Life’ would have been a better choice. “We always got a tremendous reaction to ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ on the road,” he said. “After doing this as long as we have, it’s difficult to get something that really knocks your socks off. But that song did it for me. It wasn’t that we were tired of the ballads. We wanted people to see another side of us as well. We were capable of doing other things. That was the beginning of us realizing that we weren’t in control of our careers. Our hands were tied. It’s the same old corporate thing with all record companies. They find something that works and then they do it to death. But they do it to death at the expense of the artists.”

      To help promote ‘One More Chance,’ Air Supply debuted the single on national airwaves when they appeared on The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers on October 10. They were one of the first guest music performers to appear on the show, which debuted the night before. A few weeks later, Air Supply performed the single on popular television show Solid Gold. Despite their best efforts,‘One More Chance’ peaked at #80 on Billboard and had very little radio play. Shortly after Arista had submitted the single to U.S. radio, they responded with “horrendous comments about how awful the song was,” recalls Russell. “It really hurt my feelings. And it just stopped. Radio was dead for us. They just wanted to play the old stuff.” ‘Hearts In Motion’ spent a total of 9 weeks on Billboard, reaching a high of #84 on October 4. The album did not sell enough copies to achieve any certification in North America.

'Stars In Your Eyes' - Canada

      Graham got his wish when the third single, ‘Stars In Your Eyes (AS1-9565),’ was released before the end of the year. The song did not chart and was ignored by radio. This was the second last 7" vinyl record that Air Supply released in North America as vinyl was quickly losing ground to Compact Disc (‘The Eyes Of A Child’ in 1987 was the last 7" single). A fourth single from ‘Hearts In Motion,’ ‘It’s Not Too Late,’ was released exclusively in Japan and South America in 1987.

      Air Supply maintained a sizable following despite three years of limited success on the charts, and were still very much in demand for television. They appeared on a two-hour ABC special to celebrate Disney World’s 15th Anniversary on November 9, and performed ‘Even The Nights Are Better.’ Russell and Graham were co-hosts for five days on the set of VH-1 during the week of September 22-26. Russell, Paula, Graham and Jodi appeared in a three-part series featuring Air Supply on the short-lived Robin Leach show called Fame, Fortune and Romance.  

It\'s not too late japan 7 inch single 1987 revised.jpg
'It's Not Too Late' - Japan Single

      Air Supply performed ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ on several television shows, including Solid Gold, The Joan Rivers Show and on the CBS television special, Happy New Year, America, on December 31. The New Years Eve celebration took place at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City and featured a taped performance from Walt Disney World with Air Supply, Freddie Jackson and Melba Moore. Air Supply shared the stage with live action Disney characters, and performed ‘The One That You Love’ and ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ in front of Cinderella Castle.

      Air Supply’s recent lack of radio play scared many concert promoters who questioned the band’s ability to fill a concert hall. Ken Hagerman, a chairman for the Agridome Star Theatre in Regina, Canada, would have hired Air Supply to perform at a city fair but was worried they could not sell enough tickets. The previous year, the fair hired Kenny Rogers to perform but they were hit with huge losses when only half the Agridome was filled. Hagerman felt that Roger’s lack of a recent big hit contributed to the poor turnout. “We learned our lesson,” said Hagerman. “We have to think with our heads and not our hearts. If an act hasn’t done anything in the last year then we can’t afford to take a chance. This is why we turned down Air Supply and Neil Sedaka, who were both available during the fair.”
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      1986年对于Air Supply来说是关键性的一年。Graham和Russell想要减少巡演的长度,为了能够花更多时间在他们个人计划上,但是他们也想发行又一张成功的录音室专辑。在前一张专辑糟糕的表现之后,他们知道重回排行榜的重要性。这也意味着他们需要再次进行巡演来宣传他们。已经有好几首歌已经为新专辑录制完成了,但接下去依然有许多事情要做。新专辑预计的发售时间已经被推迟到了夏天末,给了乐队一些必要的休息时间。

  Russell和Paula在2月15日举行了婚礼,Graham作为他的伴郎。婚礼在洛杉矶Bel Air酒店举行,150名嘉宾包括Clive Davis和Priscilla Presley。在拍了一些结婚照之后,Graham说了祝酒词; “希望你们的婚礼夜就像厨房的桌子一样:俚语(all legs and no drawers).” 这对新人搬进了Russell在洛杉矶郊区的房子,而蜜月只能推迟了,为了让Russell能够回到录音室录制他们的新专辑。 Russell很享受单身时候的生活,充分利用摇滚明星的便利。演出之后狂欢的日子一去不复返了。“你知道,我们已经不再是19,20岁的小伙子了,” Russell说。“8年前我开始经历所有这些事情。这真是很有趣,但是一旦时间久了,你就会觉得乏味了。其中一件有趣的事情就是和别人结婚,求爱,并且维持一段认真的关系。假如你开了后门,5个女孩说:‘来我的办公室’,这就不怎么有趣了你明白吗。所有东西都很快会厌倦除非你能保持一颗在生意场上的心态。在Air Supply一起走过的第11个年头,我们一起经历了所有的事情。但我们现在会把注意力都集中在家庭这样的东西上。”

      5月1日,Graham和Russell在第四季夏威夷热带国际小姐选美大赛上表演。这次两小时的特别节目在Honolulu录制。这对双人组合从他们的新专辑中挑选了一首新歌‘Stars In Your Eyes,’来演唱。“我真的很像当评委。” Russell,开玩笑说,“但是我的妻子说 ‘别做梦了。’ 因为按照她的说法我这个年纪太危险了。”

      乐队长久以来的键盘手Frank Esler-Smith离开了Air Supply。他的离开对乐队音乐性上来说是一个潜在的异常严重的问题。“当Frank说要离开的时候我们都非常惊讶。”Graham说。“他已经和我们一起10年了。他想要呆在澳大利亚。而我们只能向前看,并且在同一时间做了一些改变,是时候补充一些新鲜血液了。”

      Ken Rarick和Wally Stocker也同样在5月份决定离开乐队。Rarick在Air Supply呆的时间已经远比他预期的要长很多了。在1983年10月结婚之后,他同意在乐队中再参加两次巡演,加上在加勒比录音。“我当然不想永远都在外面演出。” 他说,“我更喜欢和家庭在一起,不希望成为一个不负责任的父亲。”  Wally Stocker加入了一支英国乐队 ‘Humble Pie’ 。Rarick和Esler-Smith的位置被Robin Swensen和Greg Hilfman取代。代替Wally Stocker的是洛杉矶当地的乐手Tim Godwin。Don Cromwell和Ralph Cooper同意继续留在乐队中。“新成员基本都在录音室工作,并且都想参加巡演,看看另一半生活是什么样的。”Graham说。

      Graham和Russell对于新专辑有着自己独特的见解。Graham也想要参与更多的声音部分的演出,在之前的专辑的声音部分参与实在是寥寥无几。为了让这些事情成真,相当数量的专辑录音预算都花在雇佣两名成功的制作人身上,Bernard Edwards(过去Chics乐队的贝斯手)和John Boylan。

     Bernard Edwards这位德高望重的制作人,已经为Duran Duran, Power Station and Robert Palmer制作了许多成功的专辑,并且制作了Air Supply新专辑中的大多数歌曲。“我们被告知建议Bernard来制作我们的新专辑,” Russell说。“一开始我们听到这个消息很惊讶。但是和他合作很开心。” Bernard被授予全部权利为了把乐队过去的声音重新展现出来。他倾向于使用雇佣乐手而不是Air Supply乐队成员来录音。其中一些雇佣乐手是全世界最棒的,包括Power Station的鼓手Tony Thompson,吉他手Eddie Martinez (曾经和Mick Jagger和Run D.M.C.合作过),还有Herbie Hancock乐队的键盘手Jeff Bova。Bernard Edwards曾经是20世纪最重要的贝斯手。Edwards和Thompson的风格在80年代可能是最放克的,最时尚的。Graham说。“我们让他们可以随意挑选他们喜欢的人。伴奏乐手可以在我们的音乐里展现自己的技巧。他们把这个提升到一个不可思议的高度。” 最后,Bernard感觉一定可以制作出乐队一直在寻找的声音: “Russell和Graham希望他们地声音更加尖锐一些,节奏更加放克,我就这么去做了。”

      Clive Davis和John Boylan制作了新专辑中的两首歌,‘Lonely Is The Night’ 和 ‘One More Chance’。Bolan以为Boston乐队,the Little River Band和Linda Ronstadt制作专辑闻名。Bolan和Bernard Edwards一样,很小心的制作Air Supply想要的声音效果,同时又要保持他们原先的音乐品味。他也经常使用雇佣乐手,包括吉他手Michael Landau,键盘手John Capek和打击乐手Michael Botts。“尽管是 [Bolan的] 老朋友,”Russell说,“我们之前从来没有机会在一起合作过。我们再次使用了真实的弦乐。很多二重声,特别的有澳大利亚的感觉。节奏和自然声音的乐器都进行了加强。制作这张专辑花费将近100万美元。”

      6月7日,Graham和21岁的Jodi Varble在Jodi的家乡伊利诺伊Rockford成婚。Russell作为伴郎在仪式上演唱了‘Now and Forever’。Graham和Jodi决定办两场婚礼,因为Graham的家人大多无法到美国来参加婚礼。因此,第二场婚礼在澳大利亚举行。“办两场婚礼也不错,因为我的全部家人都住在澳大利亚。” Graham说。Jodi也赞同,两场婚礼都十分特别和难忘。“两场婚礼相当不同,所以每次都感觉是第一次。” 她说。“我们只是觉得两场婚礼会更好。” Graham和Jodi搬到Malibu一个美丽的小屋里,养了几条狗。

     乐队计划开始全美巡演来宣传新专辑,从7月30日在堪萨斯城开始持续3个月。 “我们削减了巡演的长度。” Graham说,“这样一来就令人很激动了,因为我们可以不用整天在外面巡演了。现在目的地的就可以做选择了,有些国家我们可以不用去了。”  Russell对乐队能够继续正常演出很有信心,尽管他们的个人生活发生了一些改变:“我的妻子是空姐,所以她有大把的活动时间。假如我提前通知她,他可以安排出时间来在下个月中参加4到5次旅行。Graham的妻子是模特,所以也也有大把的可控时间。这让我们很好安排,这样让彼此都很高兴。加上他们也不想知道我们到底在做什么。”

      新专辑的首支单曲‘Lonely Is The Night’ 在7月23日发行。由Albert Hammond和Diane Warren谱写,由Clive Davis挑选的歌。Diane写的那些浪漫情歌对于Air Supply来说真是再合适不过了。她的第一首大热金曲,歌名叫 ‘Solitaire’ 是在1983年为Laura Branigan所谱写。另一方面,她的7首歌分别被7位艺人演唱登上排行榜并且达到Top 2。

      “直到那时,我和Diana Warren关系很不错。” Clive Davis说,“她的音乐生涯正在上升期。他到贝弗利山酒店来找我,她打开了一箱装满磁带的箱子,在我面前一首接一首放歌。Diane的一切都被音乐主宰着。我不确定她究竟是不是会睡觉。她很多产,好歌比例很高。我一首接一首听,她问,‘你喜欢这首吗? 这首是不是我写过最棒的歌?’ 她几乎歇斯底里。大多数时候,她喜欢提及Whitney。把自己的歌放进Whitney的专辑是令人垂涎欲滴的成就。”

      无论Graham还是Russell都不喜欢 ‘Lonely Is The Night’,一开始是因为这首歌被装进专辑中所以不高兴。而把这首歌作为首支单曲只会更增加他们的挫败感。“我总是觉得制作这首歌的时候我完全没有参与金曲。” Graham说。“我就会觉得这不够好,但是许多人却不是这么认为的。在我的音乐生涯里,这是非常奇怪的。唱片公司选择这首歌作为首支单曲发行。而不是我原本挑选的。”

      4周后, ‘Lonely Is The Night’ 最高仅仅达到Billboard第78位。“I guess radio didn’t seem to want to play Air Supply at the time or they didn’t like the song or the record,” said Diane Warren. “In other words... it didn’t happen.” VH-1播放MV宣传这首单曲,这是在他们的美国巡演中,Air Supply在一天中录制的2支录影带中的一部。影片由John B. House导演,由Rock Solid Productions出品,使用两台Betacam摄像机在洛杉矶地标性的贝弗利剧院拍摄“大家都知道这个录影将会成为MV,歌迷们都在尖叫和挥舞着手中的鲜花。” Russell说道。““ ‘Lonely Is The Night’ 和 ‘One More Chance’ 在同一个舞台上表演,我记得我们好像互换了衣服。” Graham笑道。

      而新专辑, ‘Hearts In Motion’ 于8月12日在全球范围内发行。‘Lonely Is The Night’ 是原先定的标题,但在发行前不久就修改了。专辑封面是自从 ‘The One That You Love’ 专辑以来第一次没有使用乐队经典的名字造型,很显然这是Arista想要让Air Supply呈现给听众完全不通的面貌。音乐性上,专辑和以往的Air Supply专辑有很大的不同。许多歌曲都建立在Tony Thompson的强力鼓点上,和Bernard Edwards突出的低音贝司上,就像他在1985年Power Station的同名专辑中的贡献一样。“专辑里有很多更强硬的声音。” Russell说。“从某种方面来说,我们回到了原点,因为比起上一张专辑有更多Graham和我的歌唱部分。基本上可以说,最近的三四张专辑里我们都制造出了差不多的声音。我对于结果很高兴,但是你总是会想去做更多与众不同的东西。我想在上一张专辑之后我们都想要去搞一些更高科技感声音。我想这一定可以让许多之前没有听过我们音乐的人喜欢上我们。”

      “音乐环境在变。” Clive Davis说,“你不能永远做你一直做的事情,无论多么擅长。你也不能老是提及昔日辉煌。这也是艺人们最难理解的。你必须为你的未来考虑。你不能只是望着镜子,想着你过去排行榜上的成就。你的个人品味不是问题。每时每刻你都必须问自己,是音乐变了吗? 电台变了吗?5年前的金曲放在今天还是吗?音乐总是不断在改变,有必要去理解这一切,想好你要怎么去应对。”  

      第一次北美Air Supply歌迷俱乐部征集活动在8月11-12日开始在费城举行。对于歌迷来说这真是太令人兴奋了,机能迎接夏天的巡演又能等待新专辑的发行。这个活动晚饭时候在Dunfey City Line酒店举行,歌迷能够和乐队一起互动。接下去的一天,一场垒球比赛在附近的公园举行,对阵双方是歌迷们和乐队成员。这次歌迷俱乐部征集活动最后以一场Air Supply的表演结束。

      ‘Hearts In Motion’ 得到了许多不同的评论。许多评论人觉得乐队现在的路线相当不错,一度太多类似的情歌充斥着他们的歌曲中:

      Hearts In Motion’ 里并没有什么真正的新东西。歌曲依旧是老情歌,关于爱的各种陈词滥调,如果不是关于爱,Graham 和Russell 可能就没什么能歌颂的了。专辑中最棒的歌曲是Albert Hammond-Dianne Warren的歌‘Lonely Is The Night’ ,像‘It’s Not Too Late’ 和‘One More Chance’ 这样的歌也可以在排行榜上占据不错的位置。 - Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah

     澳大利亚双人组合Russell Hitchcock和Graham Russell 在成人流行榜上有着相当的统治力。'Hearts In Motion’ 相当出色,并且依旧延续着他们的火热流行度,特别值得一提的是‘My Heart’s With You,’ ‘Lonely Is The Night’ 和 ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ 这几首歌 - Billboard

      Graham和Russell听到这些负面的评论, 但他们不会去因为取悦这些乐评人而刻意作改变。“我们做我们喜欢的音乐。” Graham说。“而我们也不会因为钱去做不喜欢的事情。我们赚了足够的钱了,所以当我们遇到我们不喜欢做的音乐时,理所应当我们会去拒绝。”

      86年的巡演被冠以 ‘Air Supply In Motion’ 的名字,灯光和特效和之前的巡演则类似。乐队改变了他们舞台上的形象,变为更加复杂和优雅的观感,让人联想到英国新浪潮著名乐队Spandau Ballet。,ABC 和 Duran Duran。巡演的焦点依旧是在台上的Graham和Russell,而乐队在1985的 ‘Power Of Love’ 的巡演则是中规中矩。乐队在台上演奏的声音很大,但是几乎没什么机会来支撑,除了鼓手Ralph Cooper的独奏和一些Tim Godwin的吉他独奏。而Russell那清澈的声音总是出彩的,大多数晚上,他都是聚光灯下的焦点。

      夏季全美巡演被认为是成功的。唯一的遗憾则是巡演巴士坏了,然后在亚特兰大的演出被取消,因为Russell的扁桃体肿了,在医生的建议下他不得不休息。吉他手Tim Godwin描述了这次巴士意外:“我们在底特律Pine Knob露天剧场演出。那天又炎热又潮湿,而且恰好是我生日。晚上演出完第二天要旅行一整天。这就意味着无论如何我们第二天都将要在巴士上睡到第二个城市。我的朋友DC和Robin过来在演出结束后对我说,‘我们要狂欢一整晚" 。Ralph和Harpo喝了一些酒然后去房间睡觉了。所以不用多说了,我们玩到早上5点。因为早上7点有叫早电话,能够给我们一些时间来洗澡,整理行李回到巴士上。可能大约熟睡了20分钟,突然被一声响声惊醒,这几乎把我从床上扔起来。巴士转到了路边。车子的两个驱动轴断了。所以只能打电话让别的车来接我们。我们需要大的车子能装下我们8个人和一些行李和吉他。当然,那会是全是窗户的客运车。我们像沙丁鱼一样被塞进去,我们戴着墨镜靠在一起将近6个小时。”

       许多乐评家都惊讶于这次Air Supply长达3个月的夏季全美巡演。近年来一直在抨击Air Supply的乐评人这次突然变得思想开放了,发表了一些更有思考性的评论:

      尽管情绪依旧是甜蜜的,攻击依然在,Air Supply已经学会了如何调整自己。经典歌曲肯定有, ‘Lost In Love,’ ‘All Out Of Love’ 和 ‘I Can Wait Forever,’ 他们调整了他们的态度和演出,特别是第二场,新加了新专辑中的新歌,和最值得一听的歌曲。Hitchcock继续用他多才多艺的表演和富有表现力的嗓音震惊着观众,而Russell则是卖力的演唱,避免自己像一个花瓶。在他们的新歌里,特别是硬摇滚歌曲 ‘Put Love In Your Life’ 和他们现在的单曲 ‘Lonely Is The Night’ ,这个7人乐队燃爆了全场 - Schenectady Gazette, Schenectady, New York

       演唱会上,Air Supply 选择了些更有节奏的调子,特别是‘Even The Nights Are Better’ 和‘Time For Love’ 。乐队很大程度上依赖很重的电子合成器配乐,乐队创作了很多新的东西。- The Milwaukee Sentinel

      Air Supply的经纪人Don Arden,在1986年深陷官司麻烦,他和他的儿子被指控对Jet唱片公司的会计Harshad Patel人身攻击。和往常不同,Don极力避免这次犯罪记录,但这次指控被认为相当的严重。控诉包括了绑架,勒索,折磨和攻击。Arden在1985年10月由于这次指控在洛杉矶被捕,需要支付17万5千美元才能保持自由身。他自愿回到伦敦为了这次旷日持久的官司。这是流行音乐史上最具戏剧性的案件,也是最昂贵的。

      为了支付这次法律诉讼费用,Jet Records承认从他们代理的乐队中取得资金。Black Sabbath的吉他手Tony Iommi 在他2012年的书《Iron Man:My Journey Through Heaven and Hell With Black Sabbath》中写道; “Arden请求我帮助他,就像其他他代理的乐队Air Supply一样。他的律师对我说,‘你看,现在Don深陷麻烦。我们需要帮他,否则可能他就要死在监狱里了,他可无法承受如此痛苦。我们从Air Supply那里拿了点钱来保释他。你能不能也资助一些?会还给你的。’ 所以我借给他了点钱,不过再也没有拿回来。当然据我所知,Air Supply的钱也没能拿回来。突然,所有的报纸都刊登了官司的失败。太混乱了。最后是他儿子David而不是他父亲进了监狱。David基本上在那时都为Don打理一切。”

     1993年,Arden被迫卖了大部分Jet Records公司和全部版权,得到了4千万美元。“当你请了最好的律师的时候也就意味着你将会损失许多钱。” Arden说。“这太伤人了。有句话叫做每个帝国都会在一天时间里崩溃。在80年代末,我就是这个样子的。我已经打算卖光我的产业了。我也打算离开Sabbath,然后是Air Supply,接着是一个或两个别的项目。实话说,到80年代中期的时候,我已经对这行厌倦了。我原本打算离开David去经营一家洛杉矶的办公室。在那么多年工作,飞行,用我的方式登上事业的顶峰,事实上,我已不再有兴趣了、生命中一定有更有趣的事情等着我。”

      Russell的演员梦终于实现了,尽管是短暂的,他和Air Supply的其他成员出现在NBC日间肥皂剧Santa Barbara中出镜。从当前的演唱会中抽出时间来,Air Supply被邀请在三集特别为他们写的剧本中出镜。扮演自己。Air Supply表演了三首歌:‘Stars In Your Eyes,’ ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Sweet Dreams.’  演出在11月12-14日播出。 “我们在Santa Barbara里有一些台词,但太可怕了。” Russell笑道。

      ‘Hearts In Motion’ 在唱片店没有太过受人关注,所以第二支单曲的选择显得尤为的重要。10月,Arista发行了 ‘One More Chance’ (AS1-9542) 。这首歌由Richard Page,John Lang 和 Mr. Mister乐队的Steve George共同创作。这是连续第5首单曲非Graham所写的单曲,他坚信 ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ 或者 ‘Put Love In Your Life’ 是更好的选择。“在巡演中'Stars In Your Eyes’ 收到了剧烈的反响。” 他说,“很难有什么歌真的能够打动人心,但是这首歌可以。我们厌倦了情歌。我们想要歌迷们看到我们的另一面。我们开始意识到我们无法控制自己的前进方向和音乐生涯。这也是所有唱片公司共同的特点。”

     为了宣传 ‘One More Chance’,Air Supply于10月10日在国家电视广播的The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers上首次演唱了这首歌。他们是这档节目第一位音乐表演者之一。几周后,Air Supply在流行电视Solid Gold上表演。尽管他们如此努力,但是‘One More Chance’ 在Billboard上只有拿到了第#80位,几乎没什么电台播放。在Air Supply向美国电台提交这首歌之后,就收到了对于这首歌的无数恶评,” 事实上,Russell强调, “这太伤人了,一切都停止了。电台的大门向我们紧闭了。他们只想放老歌。” ‘Hearts In Motion’ 专辑总共只在Billboard上停留了9个星期,最高在10月4日达到了第84位。这张专辑在北美没有获得任何销量认证。

      Graham寄所有希望于 ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ (AS1-9565) 在年末前发行。这首歌没能上排行榜而且没能受到任何电台的注意。这是倒数第二首在北美发行在7寸黑胶上的单曲,因为黑胶已经在和激光唱片的对决中败下阵来(1987年 ‘The Eyes Of A Child’ 是最后一张7寸黑胶单曲)。 1987年早期, ‘Hearts In Motion’专辑中第四支单曲 ‘It’s Not Too Late’ 在日本和南美特别发行。

      尽管这两年在排行榜上鲜有表现,但Air Supply对音乐依旧忠诚。他们在电视节目上依然受欢迎,他们在11月出现在两小时ABC电视台特别节目,为了庆祝迪斯尼世界建成15周年。他们演唱了 ‘Even The Nights Are Better’ 。9月22-26日,Russell和Graham也在VH-1为期5天的电视节目上作为主持人。Russell,Graham和他们的妻子Paula和Jodi在Robin Leach的一档节目叫做声望,财富和浪漫上露面。

      Air Supply在12月31日的Solid Gold,The Joan Rivers Show 和CBS新年电视节目上表演了 ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ 。新年夜演出在纽约Waldorf-Astoria举行,同时Freddie Jackson,Melba Moore和Air Supply一起在迪斯尼世界制作了录影带。Air Supply和一些活的迪士尼卡通人物一同登台,在灰姑娘城堡前演唱了 ‘The One That You Love’ 和 ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ 。

      Air Supply越来越少的电台播放率吓到了许多演出赞助商,他们质疑乐队是否还有能力让观众热血沸腾。Ken Hagerman,这位加拿大Regina,Agridome Star剧院主席,原本要雇Air Supply演出,但却担心他们是否能够吸引到足够的听众。前一年,Kenny Rogers被邀请演出,但效果相当差,只有一半的场馆位子坐了人。Hagerman认为Roger最近缺乏强有力的金曲导致了这个。 “我们被上了一课。” Hagerman说。“我们不得不用我们的大脑来思考,而不是内心。假如一位艺人上年没有什么大动作,我们可不想去冒这个风险。这也是为什么我们拒绝了Air Supply和Neil Sedaka。”
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