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第十五章:圣诞老人带来了新专辑和新的经纪人 (1987) (Santa Brings New Album and..)

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Chapter Fifteen: Santa Brings New Album and Manager In 1987

on tour 87 and 88 pass.jpg

      The first order of business in 1987 was the hiring of a new manager. In 1981, Air Supply had hired an accountant named Barry Siegel to be their financial manager. He was a partner in the international CPA firm of Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman. In 1982, Barry became a founding partner of a business management firm called Siegel & Feldstein, with offices in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York and Boston. The firm handled the business affairs of major recording artists, actors and anyone else in the field of entertainment. When Don Arden could no longer manage Air Supply, Barry replaced him. “We are fortunate as our manager, Barry Siegel, has been with us for several years now,” said Russell. “We were introduced to him in 1981 when we were having some managerial difficulties and he has been handling our business affairs since then. He has been a great friend to me. He is the kind of person that, once you have met a whole bunch of other people in the music business, you realize he is just so nice and does not fit the mold of rock and roll manager. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in all areas of the business.”

      Graham and Russell took time in 1987 to work on individual projects. Graham was determined to finish his Sherwood rock opera and worked with British writer and director, Lindsay Clennel, to write a screenplay. The rock opera consisted of pop songs as well as classical and medieval music. Upon completion in early 1987, they planned on sending the screenplay to top Hollywood film studios. “In 1987, when things slowed down a little, I built a studio in my house to accommodate the desire I had to complete Sherwood and put it all on tape,” said Graham. “I sang most of the roles myself at this stage, but the people that worked on the project would become immersed in it and take on their own roles. Being spurred on by Jodi, we took a trip to England to gather more historical information and completely by chance, met an historical author in Coventry whose new book was about to be released. The title of the book was Robin Hood, the True Story by Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman. We became great friends and the three of us traversed England, this time looking for the ‘real’ Robin Hood.”

      When it was announced that Russell was releasing a solo album in August, there was much talk in the press that Air Supply was breaking up. The commercial failure of ‘Hearts In Motion’ only fueled these rumours. The band had certainly fallen on hard times and were searching for a new identity, but they had no intention of breaking up. In fact, Air Supply planned to release an album in 1988, which recording would start after the completion of the solo projects and the summer tour. The official press release from Arista stated:

      Russell is now about to launch a solo career in tandem with his role in Air Supply, which has announced a year-long hiatus from performing and recording in order for Russell Hitchcock and his partner Graham Russell to pursue their own projects.

      “Some people have come up to us backstage and in shopping malls because they have heard about Russell’s solo album and think we are breaking up,” said Graham. “But that is not true. Just because somebody wants to do a solo record does not mean the band is breaking up. In fact, we are as strong now as we ever have been and getting stronger. It just means we both want to do something different for a change. We are also planning a major tour next year. Not just America but some of the places we have neglected over the last couple years like Asia and Korea.”

vina del mar live 1987_edited-1.jpg
Vina del Mar - 1987

      The Air Supply fan club re-opened in 1987 after the legal problems were sorted out. “We realize there’s been a lot of problems with the fan club in the past, but we are slowly gaining control with this one,” said Russell. “We are working with some really good people this time. We apologize for any mess-ups, but things got a bit out of hand.” The band received overwhelming amounts of fan mail throughout the early 80s, and it showed no signs of letting up despite the band’s drop in popularity. Fan mail was now handled by Mackie Mann and her company The Mail Mann. Mackie ran the business out of her Sherman Oaks garage and ensured that every fan letter was read, either by her or one of her employees. “Russell and I both have complete control over this one,” said Graham. “Nobody in the fan club makes any decisions without contacting us. We approve all photos and all kinds of merchandise. There is no longer a middleman, so there is no chance of error anymore.”

1987 easter seal 2 songs lost in love put love in your life.jpg
1987 Easter Seal Telethon

      In March, The National Easter Seal Society held its annual fundraising telethon that was broadcast nationwide from Los Angeles. The two day telethon raised over $33 million and featured many celebrities such as comedian Rich Little and music stars Air Supply, Robert Goulet, Eddie Rabbit and Ray Charles. Air Supply performed two songs, ‘Put Love In Your Life,’ one of Graham’s favourite songs from ‘Hearts In Motion,’ and ‘Lost In Love.’

      In late March, Air Supply was invited to perform at the opening of the Gold Coast International Hotel in Australia. The hotel hosted a lavish three-day celebration for 2,000 high flyers, at a cost of $2.5 million. $250,000 of that was paid to Air Supply, making it a very lucrative trip for the band. A Friday cocktail party kicked-off the weekend, with a dinner dance in the Grand Ballroom the following night. After a five-coarse meal, Air Supply took the stage and played most of their hits. After what one attendee described as a “snoozefest,” the show picked up towards the end and had the guests dancing in the aisles.   

      Since its inception in 1985, VH-1 was a strong supporter of Air Supply, helping the band sell thousands of copies of the ‘The Greatest Hits.’ In April, the music channel announced it was revamping its format to include fewer videos from light rock artists, and was also changing its entire lineup of VJs. The station had so far used personalities from radio, such as Don Imus, whose lack of interest in TV was unfortunately evident in their on-air performance. Critics often complained that the music channel incorporated the worst of so-called ‘lite radio.’ New ‘personality VJs’ were hired in an attempt to give VH-1 a tougher edge. The changes meant less airtime for Air Supply, and more importantly, less exposure for Russell and his first solo record.

TV Guide Chile 1987 Vina Del Mar.jpg

      The tour of 1987 focused mostly on the U.S. with brief stops in Canada, Japan and South America. In February, Air Supply performed at the International Song Festival in Vina del Mar, Chile. The festival, which takes place over several nights, is considered the most important music event in Latin America and is broadcast live on television. It featured mostly international artists competing for awards, but each year an established and popular musical act was invited to perform. Sheena Easton, Mr. Mister and The Police are just a few of the artists who have performed at the festival. Air Supply was invited by the government of Chile to perform in 1983, but declined because of their recording schedule. In 1987, they performed to a sold-out crowd who had earned a reputation for being extremely energetic and vocal. The festival audience, referred to as ‘The Monster’ for their history of booing acts off the stage, play a significant role in determining the award winners. During the performance of an established act, the audience response can demand the presentation of an award, often stopping the performance for several minutes. Air Supply performed on consecutive evenings and during the second show the crowd granted them the Silver Torch award for best international stage performance. Air Supply played several songs from ‘Hearts In Motion’ including ‘Time For Love,’ ‘It’s Not Too Late,’ ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ and ‘Lonely Is The Night.’

      The summer tour of the U.S. started on June 28 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and featured an updated set list with several new and upbeat songs. A highlight of the tour was an acoustic segment featuring just Russell and Graham. Surprisingly, the set list included no tracks from their latest album ‘Hearts In Motion.’ When asked why, Graham and Russell said it was a difficult period for the band. The 1987 tour was the first since 1982 to not sell tour books. Concert T-shirts and other clothing were still available at the live shows and from the fan club. The five-piece band all returned for the tour of ‘87 and impressed many music critics, especially with the new songs. Robin Swensen, Tim Godwin and Greg Hilfman all sang backup vocals, giving the band a new and fresh sound. “There’s definitely a new energy again in the shows this year, which I think is just the beginnings of something exciting that will happen next year,” said Graham. “We can feel it happening again.” A music critic from New York agreed:

      Trying to broaden their musical base, the group branched out on their last album and tour with experiments in rock that added a much-needed edge to their sound. Not as commercially successful as past efforts, this nonetheless showed musical ambitions untapped in their previous saccharine ballad-dominated work. They sped up the proceedings with the new songs, ‘My Life, Your Touch’ and ‘Let’s Talk About Love,’ both mid-tempo rockers with some rhythmic drive to them.

1987 Concert T-Shirt.jpg
Concert T-Shirt - 1987

      The new songs played in concert were just a small sample of what Graham had written. He intended to use the summer tour as a sounding board for the new material. “This year we wanted to try some new songs before recording them so that we could get some feedback and change arrangements if they needed to be changed,” said Graham. “All the new songs have got a great reaction so we are looking to record them before the end of the year. Hopefully, the new album will be out in January.”
1987 Summer Tour Setlist:

1.  Chances                                 9. I Want To Give It All
2.  Just As I Am                          10. Here I Am
3.  Lost In Love                           11. Stand Up
4.  Even The Nights Are Better      12. All Out Of Love
5.  My Life, Your Touch                13. Make It Right
6.  Let’s Talk About Love              14. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
7.  Sweet Dreams                       15. This Heart Belongs To Me
8.  The One That You Love          16. The Power Of Love

The river cried edit_edited-1.jpg
'The River Cried' - U.S. Pressing (Front/Back)

      When the tour finished, Graham and Russell commenced work on their independant projects. The Sherwood rock opera suffered another unexpected delay when Graham and Lindsay decided not to proceed with the existing screenplay. Graham found a new partner in New York producer Larry Germain, who produced and directed the Los Angeles premiere of the Peanuts tuner Snoopy!!! as well as Godspell at the Improvisation in Los Angeles. Sherwood was being developed for a 1988 or 1989 opening in London before heading stateside. “I’ve been saying for a long time that Sherwood is going to happen, but the person I was working on it with, well, we are no longer working together,” said Graham. “I’m working with a new person now named Larry Germain, who is a Broadway producer. In August, I leave for Europe to do some more research. This will definitely be completed by the end of the year.”

      Russell worked on his solo album with three established producers; Michael Lloyd (who recently produced such Top Five hits as Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Mad about You’ and Patrick Swayze’s ‘She’s Like The Wind’), Keith Olsen (Pat Benatar and Starship) and Robbie Buchanan (Phil Collins, Chaka Khan and Joe Cocker). Russell chose to work with several producers because he felt it would create a variety of textures within the eleven hand-picked songs for the album. “In a way I’m lucky,” said Russell, “because having a track record has made it easier to get to work with great producers and the quality material I wanted for this record. On the other hand, I’m like any new artist just starting out, and it’s a challenge. I like to think this record is a little more basic rock and roll than the stuff [Air Supply] has done before. We stay away from things like background strings - that’s totally out of the picture. There’s a particular style and sound to my voice, and I’m kind of stuck with it. It will sound different enough, but those who follow Air Supply will recognize it. I’m real pleased with the results.” The album was recorded and mixed at several studios in Los Angeles and used a host of session musicians. Arista planned to release the album, tentatively titled ‘The River Cried,’ in June, 1987.  

      Russell’s debut solo promotional single, ‘The River Cried,’ was shipped to radio on May 31, 1987. The song was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, who also penned Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ and Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin.’ Despite a spectacular vocal from Russell, ‘The River Cried’ was ignored by radio. The flipside of the commercial single included ‘Heart & Soul,’ taken from ‘Hearts In Motion,’ but there was no mention of it being an Air Supply song. A second single, ‘Dreams Of The Lonely,’ was released next but it also failed to chart. Russell’s solo career was off to a rocky start, and his album’s June release date was pushed back indefinitely.  

‘Dreams Of The Lonely’ - Promo

      On October 9, Air Supply announced they would record a Christmas album at A&M Studios in Los Angeles with producers Michael Lloyd and Jimmy Lenner. Arista wanted it released in time for the 1987 Christmas shopping season, which gave the band just one month to complete the record. Clive Davis believed that Air Supply’s trademark lush vocals and harmonies would give a collection of Christmas classics, such as ‘Silent Night,’ ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘White Christmas,’ a new and different resonance. They used over thirty session musicians. Many of the songs required full brass and string ensembles. Album photography was shot in Ottawa, Canada, and included several young children. Recording a Christmas album offered several benefits. First, they are often quick to produce as most artists simply re-record Christmas classics. Second, many classic Christmas songs are public domain, so there are no royalty payments.


      On October 23, the athletic department at the University of Central Florida hired Air Supply to perform for its homecoming. The concert took place at the Ruth Eckerd Hall immediately following the UCF and Northwest Missouri football game. Unfortunately, UCF fans began to voice their displeasure several months before the show as Air Supply was not what most students wanted for the party atmosphere of homecoming. The UCF athletic department was heavily criticized for its decision. The concert went ahead as scheduled but the athletic department was more cautious the following year, avoiding music altogether and hiring comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

      Russell received some much needed promotion when a movie called, A Date With An Angel, was released on November 20, and offered a preview of two songs from his forthcoming album. ‘I Come Alive’ was the main theme song and ‘Someone Who Believes In You’ was included on the movie soundtrack. The romantic comedy was filmed in the U.S. and stared Phoebe Cates and Michael E. Night.

      Towards the end of November, Arista sent radio a 12" promotional record, pressed in red vinyl, to generate hype around the forthcoming Christmas album. Despite being a 12" record, it included just three songs. The A-side featured ‘The Christmas Song’ and ‘Winter Wonderland,’ while the B-side included a new song written by Graham called ‘The Eyes Of A Child.’  

      ‘The Christmas Album’ was released on November 17, 1987. Initial sales were strong and radio played several tracks throughout the holiday season. The lead single, ‘The Eyes Of A Child’ was released as a 7" record and included ‘Love Is All’ on the B-side. Graham wrote both songs, and while they might not be considered Christmas songs lyrically and were perhaps intended for another project, they still fit into the overall theme of the album. “We didn’t really want to do it,” said Graham, “but Clive said we should. We thought, ‘Oh God, we don’t want to do a Christmas album.’ But we did, and after we sat down and listened to it, we said ‘Wow, this is probably the best Christmas album we have ever heard.’ I still think it’s up there with all the great Christmas albums, and I still play it every year. I’m so glad that we did it.” Most music critics agreed and gave the album an adequate review:


      Another Christmas album making quite a stir this season is Air Supply’s new ‘The Christmas Album.’ As usual, Graham and Russell sing these traditional favorites in perfect, sugar-coated harmony. The album includes traditional carols like ‘The First Noel’ and ‘Silent Night,’ and not-so-traditional favorites like ‘Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’ and ‘Sleigh Ride.’ The album will definitely appeal to Air Supply fans, but it might prove too sweet for many Christmas-listening tastes. - Deseret News

      This 1987 collection has Graham and Russell lending their distinctive balladic touch to strings-suffused arrangements of everything from ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Silent Night’ to ‘The Christmas Song’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful.’ The performances are heavy on mush, but despite their drippiness, the music is appealing in a giddy way. - New Sunday Times

christmas speical.jpg
Singing ‘Winter Wonderland’

      The 1987 Christmas music season was shaping up to be one of the most competitive in recent memory as many older Christmas albums were available on Compact Disc for the first time. There were several big budget Christmas albums like A&M’s release called ‘A Very Special Christmas,’ featuring artists such as Whitney Houston, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, U2, and Bon Jovi. The biggest seller of all was a double CD entitled ‘Carols for Christmas,’ featuring the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir and the Royal College of Music Brass Ensemble. Despite the competition, Air Supply’s Christmas album was considered a success.

      On December 26, Graham and Russell made a guest appearance on a 2-hour ABC television special to celebrate the winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. They performed two songs, ‘The Eyes Of A Child’ and ‘Winter Wonderland,’ wearing winter jackets and walking around an outdoor skating rink.

christmas album red vinyl.jpg

      Air Supply wrapped up 1987 with a New Year’s Eve performance at the Regency Ballroom in Florida. A new left-handed lead guitar player, Jimmy Haun, joined the band for its last tour of 1987, replacing Tim Godwin. When Graham slowed things down after the summer tour, Godwin left Air Supply and joined the Laura Branigan band. Jimmy Haun had met Graham and Russell a few years earlier when he was performing as a session musician, and was asked to join the band for a single tour. Haun was previously a member of a Los Angeles based band called Lodgic, who were signed to A&M Records in 1984. At the time, Lodgic consisted of band members Michael Sherwood, Jimmy Haun, Guy Allison, Billy Sherwood and Gary Starnes. After releasing an album in 1985, Lodgic was the opening act for the band Supertramp, but were eventually dropped by their record label after having no success on radio.
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      1987年乐队的第一件事就是雇佣了新的乐队经纪人。在1981年,Air Supply已经雇佣了一位名叫Barry Siegel的会计师来当他们的财务经理。他是国际Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman会计事务所的合作伙伴。到了1982年,Barry成为了一家名叫Siegel & Feldstein的企业管理公司的创始人,在洛杉矶,旧金山,纽约和波士顿都有办公室。这家公司主要负责处理音乐人,演员等娱乐界的事务。当Don Arden已经无法再管理乐队的时候,他们请求Barry能够取代他。 “我们幸运的有了那么多年一直为我们操劳的经纪人Barry Siegel。” Russell说。“自从1981年以来,他就一直为我们工作着。对我们而言他更像一个朋友。在你见过了演艺圈那么多形形色色的人之后,你会发现,他真是一个老好人,太好了,以至于不像一名摇滚乐队的经纪人。他是我所见过商业圈中最和善的人。”

      Graham和Russel考虑在1987年花上一些时间来制作个人项目。Graham决定和英国作家Lindsay Clennel来一起完成Sherwood摇滚音乐剧,后者帮他写剧本。“在1987年,当所有事情都渐渐地放慢脚步的时候,我在我屋子里建造了一间录音室,来满足我为Sherwood录制样带。” Graham说。“在录音室里,我可以自己扮演所有的角色。被Jodi激励了之后,我们来到英格兰来搜集更多史料来完成这篇作品。偶然的机会下遇到了正在准备出新书发行的考文垂的史学作家。这本新书的标题名为Robin Hood(罗宾汉),由Graham Phillips写的真实的故事。我们成为了很好的朋友,我们三人横穿了英格兰旅行。为了寻找真实的罗宾汉。”

      当宣布Russel将要发行个人专辑之后,所有媒体都认为Air Supply要解散了。而‘Hearts In Motion’在商业上的失败更是加剧了留言的真实性。“我只是希望我在8月份会发行这张新专辑,而希望大家都会喜欢。”Russell说。乐队在困难时期当然会去寻找新的方向,但是完全没有想过解散。事实上,Air Supply原本正计划在1988年完成个人计划和夏季巡演之后发行一张乐队新专辑。Graham和Russel承认他们急需重新充满他们的能量,所以他们决定直到年末都不会再进入录音室。而Arista官方说道:

  Russell正在计划发行自己早已宣布的个人专辑,而他的搭档Graham Russell也正在继续自己的个人计划。

      “有些人已经听到了Russell的个人专辑了,并认为我们已经解散了。” Graham说,“但这不是真的。乐队中有人想出个人专辑这并不意味着乐队就一定会解散了事实上,我们和从前一样坚固。只是说我们想要做些不同的事情,来点改变。我们同样计划在明年做一场大型的巡演。不止是在美国,更有我们过去几年忽视的许多地方如亚洲和韩国。”

      当法律问题解决之后,Air Supply歌迷俱乐部在1987年重新开张。“我们意识到过去几年,我们的歌迷俱乐部一直有许多问题,我们都没有好好去解决。” Russell说,“这次,我们和一些真的很棒的人一起合作。因为那些混乱我们向大家道歉,事态有些失控。” 乐队在80年代早期收到了大量的歌迷来信,尽管乐队的流行度正在下坠,但是并没有减少来信的迹象。所有的歌迷信件都由Mackie Mann和他的公司The Mail Mann来处理。Mackie在她的舍曼橡树车库中工作,确保所有的歌迷来信都经过她或者他的雇员阅读。“Russell和我都会全权处理这些东西。” Graham说。“歌迷会中没有人可以不经过我们来做决定。由我们来认可所有的照片和纪念品。再也没有中间人来处理,所有再也不会有差错发生了。”

     3月,国家复活节协会准备通过在洛杉矶的全美广播来进行筹款。为期两天的连续电视节目筹到了3千3百万善款,并且许多名人像喜剧明星Rich Little和音乐节的Air Supply,Robert Goulet,Eddie Rabbit和Ray Charle出席。Air Supply演唱了两首歌, 一首是 ‘Hearts In Motion’ 中Graham的最爱 ‘Put Love In Your Life’ 另一首是 ‘Lost In Love’。

      3月下旬,Air Supply被邀请在澳大利亚黄金海岸国际大酒店开幕仪式上演出。酒店奢侈得举办了3天的庆典,发放了2千份传单,总共花费250万美元。其中25万美元支付给Air Supply,对于乐队来说这真是一份利润丰厚的旅行。周五的鸡尾酒派对掀起了周末派对的高潮。晚餐后Air Supply登台演唱他们的金曲。其中一位参与者描述这次演出是“snoozefest", the show picked up towards the end and had the guests dancing in the aisles.   

      从1985年开始,VH-1就一直是Air Supply的强有力的支持者,帮助乐队卖掉了数千张精选集 ‘The Greatest Hits’ 和乐队同名专辑。在5月,这个音乐频道宣布将更新他们的风格,将更少播放那些轻摇滚乐队的录影带,并且更换全部主持人的阵容。像Don Imus这样的主持人缺乏对电视的兴趣,以致让评论家经常抱怨这个音乐电视频道几乎可以称作是电台。这个改变让Air Supply的露面时间变得更少,而更重要的是,Russell的第一张个人专辑的曝光机会就更少了。

      1987年的巡演更多聚焦在美国,并且在加拿大,日本和南美作短暂的停留。2月份,Air Supply被邀请在智利Vina del Mar国际音乐节上演出。整个盛会连续了几个晚上,这是整个拉丁美洲最重要的音乐节,通过电视进行直播。这个音乐节包括了新进国际艺人竞争许多奖项,每年都会邀请一些大牌来演出。Sheena Easton,Mr. Mister和警察乐队The Police都曾经在音乐节上演出。Air Supply在1983年也被智利政府邀请参演,但是由于录音档期只能拒绝了邀请。1987年,他们的演出票全部售完,演出无比精彩。音乐节的听众,由于有台下起哄的历史,所以被称为“怪物”,他们决定着奖项的归属。观众的反应可以决定很多。Air Supply连续几夜表演,在第二场演出时,“怪物”观众给予了他们银火炬奖。银火炬奖授予最佳舞台表演的国际艺人。Air Supply演唱了几首 ‘Hearts In Motion’ 专辑中的歌,包括 ‘Time For Love’,‘It’s Not Too Late’ 和 ‘Lonely Is The Night’。

      在美国的夏季巡演歌曲单上,更新了一些曲目,但没有新增 ‘Hearts In Motion’ 专辑中的歌。实际上,在之后的24年中,那张专辑中没有任何一首歌在演唱会中被演唱!当被问及为什么的时候,Graham和Russel说,这是乐队的一个困难时期。1987年巡演是自从1981年第一次以来第一次没有巡演纪念册发行。T恤和一些其他的衣物依然会在演出当天和歌迷俱乐部售卖。这个五人乐队在87年巡演中回归,给了许多乐评人很深的印象,特别是一些新歌。演唱会再次带来了一些新鲜的声音,因为Robin Swensen,Tim Godwin和Greg Hilfman都演唱了背景和声。“这无疑又是今年演出中新的能量,我认为这只是我们在今年会发生一些令人兴奋的许多事的开始。” Graham说。“我们再次能感受到这一切。” 一名纽约的乐评人同意道:

     尝试着努力扩大自己的音乐,乐队在巡演中演唱了新专辑中的歌,并且在摇滚乐上增加了一些实验性。虽然没有获得商业上的成功,这仍然表现出了在音乐性上的野心。他们唱了两首仍然在制作中的新歌。‘My Life, Your Touch’ 和 ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ ,两首歌都是中板节奏的摇滚。

      这两首在演唱会上演唱的新歌仅仅是Graham写的小样。他们打算利用夏季巡演来试验新作品。“今年我们要在录音之前试验一些新的东西,来看看观众反馈,决定是否需要做一些改变。” Graham说。“所有的新歌都得到了很好的反响,所以我们决定在今年年底之前录制他们。希望新专辑将在1月份发行。”

1.  Chances                                 9. I Want To Give It All
2.  Just As I Am                           10. Here I Am
3.  Lost In Love                           11. Stand Up
4.  Even The Nights Are Better     12. All Out Of Love
5.  My Life, Your Touch                13. Make It Right
6.  Let’s Talk About Love              14. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
7.  Sweet Dreams                         15. This Heart Belongs To Me
8.  The One That You Love           16. The Power Of Love

      在这次巡演结束之后,Graham和Russell继续他们的个人项目。谢伍德计划在Graham和Lindsay决定不在使用现有的剧本之后又再次搁置了。 Graham找到了一位新的合作伙伴,来自纽约的制作人Larry Germain,他导演和制作了在洛杉矶首映的Peanuts tuner Snoopy!!! 在前往美国前,Sherwood已经于1988年和1989年制作中,准备在伦敦首映。“我一直在说Sherwood将要完成了,但和我一直合作的那个人我们将不会在一起合作了。 Graham说。“我现在和另一位名叫Larry Germain人合作了,他是百老汇的制作人。8月份,我去了欧洲再次进行一些研究。我想这一定会在今年年底前完成的。”

      Russell正在和3位制作人一起制作他的个人专辑,包括Michael Lloyd (最近刚刚制作了Belinda Carlisle的 ‘Mad about You’ 和Patrick Swayze的‘She’s Like The Wind’这些Top5金曲),Keith Olsen (Pat Benatar, Starship) 和Robbie Buchanan (和Phil Collins,Chaka Khan和Joe Cocker合作过)。Russell选择和几位制作人合作是因为他想要在11首专辑歌曲中创造不同的风格。“我相当走运。” Russell说。“早先时候我已经有录制过一些歌曲。另一方面,我就像一位新人,这是一个挑战。 我认为这张专辑比之前Air Supply的录音更加摇滚。我的声音呈现出特别的风格。听起来足够特别,但是那些Air Supply歌迷会听出来的。我很满意这个结果。” 这张专辑雇佣了许多乐手录制完专辑并且在洛杉矶一些录音室进行了混音。Arista计划在1987年6月发行这张专辑,暂定标题为 ‘The River Cried’。

      Russell的个人专辑单曲‘The River Cried’在1987年5月31日被送往电台。这首歌是由Billy Steinberg 和 Tom Kelly创作,他们也参与了Cyndi Lauper的 ‘True Colors’ 和Madonna的 ‘Like a Virgin’ 。尽管Russell的声音出众,‘The River Cried’ 依然只有收到电台很少的播放率。B面歌曲选择的是‘Hearts In Motion’ 专辑中的 ‘Heart & Soul’ ,但标签上并没有注明这是Air Supply的歌。很快,另一张名叫 ‘Dreams Of The Lonely’的单曲送上了电台,但是依然没有能够进入排行榜。Russell的独唱生涯开启,而他将在6月份发行的新专辑却被无限期推迟。

      九月,乐队决定下一张专辑将会是一张圣诞专辑,Arista想要在1987年圣诞购物季及时发行。这是一个具有雄心的承诺,因为给予乐队来完成专辑的时间只有短短的两个月。起初Air Supply计划在1988年开始发行的专辑就被遗弃了。而Russell个人专辑的发售时间也被推迟了,这样Air Supply就能更好的宣传the Christmas album了。在10月上旬,Graham和Russell回到洛杉矶A&M 录音室,开始迅速录制新专辑。Michael Lloyd和Jimmy Lenner,两位也同样在制作Russell的个人专辑,他们被请求来制作圣诞专辑。超过30名雇佣乐手来演绎完整的铜管和弦乐合奏。专辑照片在加拿大渥太华摄制,一起拍摄的还有许多小孩。录制一张圣诞专辑提供了许多好处。第一,很多歌曲都是一些经典的圣诞歌曲,录制迅速。第二许多经典的圣诞歌曲都是公开的,不需要额外支付版权费。尽管有着种种的好处,这样一张专辑必须在12月上旬发行,赶上圣诞购物季。

      在10月23日,弗罗里达中部大学体育部请来了Air Supply为他们的归来做演出。演出在Ruth Eckerd Hall举行,紧接着UCF和Northwest Missouri的橄榄球比赛。不幸的是,UCF的球迷在演出前几个月就表达了他们不希望Air Supply演出的不快。UCF体育部因为他们的决定收到了强烈的批评。这次演出照常举行,但第二年他们对此就小心谨慎了,邀请了喜剧明星Jerry Seinfeld。

      当一部名叫《天使在人间》的电影在11月20日上映之后,Russell收到了许多邀请进行宣传。他的个人专辑中的两首歌中的 ‘I Come Alive’ 是电影主题曲,另一首 ‘Someone Who Believes In You’ 也同样包含在了电影原声大碟中。这部浪漫喜剧在美国摄制,Phoebe Cates和Michael E. Night主演。

      时间到了11月底,Arista新奇地将12寸红色黑胶宣传唱片送到了电台,为了宣传即将发行的圣诞专辑。尽管是12寸唱片,但是仅仅包含了三首歌。A面歌曲是 ‘The Christmas Song’ 和 ‘Winter Wonderland’ ,B面歌曲是一首Graham写的新歌,名叫‘The Eyes Of A Child’。   

      新专辑 ‘The Christmas Album’在1987年11月发行。一开始的销量非常高,电台在整个假期中反复播放专辑中的几首歌。首支单曲 ‘The Eyes Of A Child’ 作为7寸唱片发行,B面是另一首原创歌曲 ‘Love Is All’ 。由Graham创作了这两首歌,歌词上不太适合圣诞,所以可能是原本放在另一个计划中的歌曲,而歌曲依旧适合整张专辑的风格。“我们的确不太想做这样的专辑。” Graham说,“但是Clive觉得我们应该做。我们想。 ‘天哪,我们可不想做一张圣诞专辑。’ 但是我们还是做了,在我们完成之后静下来聆听专辑,我们说,‘喔,这可能是我们听到过最棒的圣诞专辑了。’ 现在我依旧认为它是最棒的圣诞专辑,每年我都会去听。我很高兴我们做了这张专辑。” 大多乐评人都给予找了这张专辑充分的评论:

      又一张圣诞专辑,Air Supply的新专辑 ‘The Christmas Album’。和往常一样,Graham和Russell完美地演绎了这些传统佳作,甜美的旋律。专辑中包含了一些传统调子, ‘The First Noel’ 和 ‘Silent Night’,还有一些不那么传统的 ‘Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’ 和 ‘Sleigh Ride’。这张专辑足够满足Air Supply的歌迷,但对于圣诞歌曲来说过于甜美了些。- Deseret News

      这张1987年的专辑,Graham和Russell借助民谣来编排各种弦乐,从 ‘White Christmas’ 和 ‘Silent Night’ 到 ‘The Christmas Song’ 和 ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ 。- New Sunday Times

      这个1987年的圣诞音乐季,许多老圣诞唱片第一次出现在激光唱片上。有许多圣诞专辑,如A&M发行的名为 ‘A Very Special Christmas’,包含了许多艺人,诸如Whitney Houston,Stevie Nicks,Bruce Springsteen,Bryan Adams,U2和Bon Jovi。最大销量的是一张双CD唱片‘Carols for Christmas’,由Royal College of Music Chamber Choir 和 the Royal College of Music Brass Ensemble演绎。尽管竞争激烈,Air Supply的圣诞专辑也是相当成功的。

      在12月26日,Graham 和 Russell做客2-hour ABC 电视特别节目来庆祝加拿大卡尔加里冬季奥运会。他们穿着冬天的夹克走到户外的滑雪道上演唱了两首歌,‘The Eyes Of A Child’ 和 ‘Winter Wonderland’。

      Air Supply在1987年新年夜在弗罗里达Regency Ballroom演出。一名新的左手主音吉他手Jimmy Haun在最近的1987年巡演中加入了乐队,以取代Tim Godwin。Haun在几年前作为雇佣乐手与Graham和Russell相识,并被邀请加入他们的巡演阵容。Haun 可能是最具天赋的Air Supply吉他手,在Yes乐队的专辑‘Union’ 中积攒了相当的人气。Haun也同样是洛杉矶当地乐队Lodgic的成员,乐队在1984年签约了A&M唱片公司。那时,Lodgic乐队包括成员Michael Sherwood,Jimmy Haun,Guy Allison,Billy Sherwood和Gary Starnes。在1985年发行了一张专辑后,Lodgic为Supertramp乐队做暖场,而在失败的电台播放竞争之后被他们的唱片公司遗弃。
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Heart In Motion真是一张悲催的专辑。。。Hope Spring Eternal很好听的说
 楼主| 发表于 2016-1-22 18:56 | 显示全部楼层
141SFS 发表于 2016-1-22 14:43
Heart In Motion真是一张悲催的专辑。。。Hope Spring Eternal很好听的说

我挺喜欢《Hearts in Motion》的,里面歌很多都很有实力,并不比《Air Supply 85》差,只是排行榜的成绩不尽人意。不过两张专辑其实很相似,应该是同时期写了很多类似的歌。
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hitchcock 发表于 2016-1-22 18:56
我挺喜欢《Hearts in Motion》的,里面歌很多都很有实力,并不比《Air Supply 85》差,只是排行榜的成绩 ...

同人不同命啊,85的歌就算是后几年甚至现在都有唱,但是heart in motion的歌就不一样了,从来没见过as的任意一张专辑仅仅一年后就从巡演曲目单上面除名的,heart in motion是唯一一张,估计这张专辑对于两老来讲就是黑历史一样的存在吧
 楼主| 发表于 2016-1-22 19:28 | 显示全部楼层
141SFS 发表于 2016-1-22 19:19
同人不同命啊,85的歌就算是后几年甚至现在都有唱,但是heart in motion的歌就不一样了,从来没见过as的 ...

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hitchcock 发表于 2016-1-22 19:28

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141SFS 发表于 2016-1-22 19:33

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