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第2-0章:歌曲起源 - (The Song - How It Became)

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Above: one of our early press images with our label at the time, CBS Records, 1977.
Right: Poster to promote the release of The Whole Thing's Started.
Above: The Whole Thing's Started was our second album; It was produced by Dawkins and released in July 1977.

Above: A biography sheet from one of first media kits, 1977.
Right : Our first tour jackets, fall 1977.
Above and Right: Images from a photo shoot, 1977.

Above: My school photo, age 16
Left: Part of my first drum kit.

The Song - How It Became

       Being in a rock and roll band for 40 years is something that I never thought would happen to me. While there are many bands that have reached this milestone, there aren't many that continue to work at the pace that Air Supply does and that travel the distances that we do each year.

      I have always been so proud to be a part of this band. Being able to sustain a career for so long, let alone be mentioned in some of modern music's history books, is absolutely amazing and a testament to the devotion and tenacity of our fans around the world. Without them, I would not be writing these words. Any career that has had the pleasure of spanning such a vast amount of time, be it a lawyer, doctor, teacher or car saleman, has most certainly withnessed and been a part of great change. Sometimes it's hard to see those changes until one pauses to reflect on one's life and tries to remember where and when they actually happened.

      Was it really more than 50 years ago that I used to sit in my bedroom at 47 High Street writing song after song, not knowing what I was doing or where it would eventually take me? How beautiful that innocence was amidst those turbulent and emotionally fragile early years. Air Supply began for me during those days. As with everyone, our life's path is determined by our thoughts and actions when we are young. My life so far has been one continuous song, out up into four-minute segments that stop and start, but still one song. I am so fortunate that the universe chose me of all people, a troublemaker from the little town of Arnold. It taught me that anything is possible, anything at all!

      When I was 13, I vividly remember speaking to our school careers officers, Miss Barker, who was also our young and attractive biology teacher (see poem, "Biology," on Page 46 in my poetry book, Nearly Beloved). It was her duty to steer all the students into thinking about a career that would support their future families, such as a sheet metal apprentice, an electrician or a worker down in the pit.

      "So Graham, what would you like to do when you eventually leave school? Is there anything that you feel drawn to?" she asked.

      "Yes, miss. I want to be in a group, and sing my own songs," I replied.

      Silence and shock. "Mmm, but that could only ever be a fun, casual pastime. What about a real job?"

      "I'd like to do that all the time. I practice every day."

      "Mmm, very interesting." End of the interview.

      Fast-forward 51 years and I am thinking of defining moment that have impacted me during a 40-years career. There are so many, of course, some funny, some tragic, some beautiful, each I will never forget. I hope they may inspire you.

      在一个摇滚乐队里40年,这是我从来没有想过会发生在我身上的。尽管有很多乐队都达到了这个成就,然而他们都不能跟着Air Supply的节奏,每年都做那么多场的巡演。


      50多年前我时常躺在47 High Street的家中的床上一首接着一首写歌,那时我不知道我到底在干嘛,或者这究竟会将我带向何处?那些早年间的无知和脆弱的情感真是很美好。那些日子,Air Supply成为了我的日常生活。和所有人一样,年轻时我们的生活轨迹由我们的思想和行动来支配决定。我的生活到现在已经成为了一首连续播放的歌曲,4分钟连续循环播放,但是始终是一首歌。我觉得我很幸运,上天从所有人中间选择了我,一个来自小城Arnold的麻烦制造者。它教会了我任何事都是有可能的。

      当我13岁时,我清晰的记得我和我们学校的职业规划老师Barker小姐进行了谈话,她也是我们年轻又有魅力的生物老师, (参见我的诗歌专辑书《Nearly Beloved》的第46页 "Biology," 中的第46页。) 她的责任是让每个学生都思考自己未来的职业,例如钣金学徒,电工或坑中的工人。

      "Graham,当你离开学校了之后,什么是你想要做的?" 她问道。

      "是的老师,我想要在一个组合里,唱我自己写的歌。" 我回答道。

      在一片沉寂和震惊过后,"Mmm, 但是这可能只能成为一个业余生活,真实的职业呢?"


      "Mmm, 很有意思。" 然后谈话就结束了。


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