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第2-6章:觉醒 - The Knowing

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Above: Newspaper article about our U.S. tour
Right: The back of my tour jacket from our 1980 U.S. tour.

The knowing

      Being a part of Air Supply has, over the years, become something other than just being in a band. It started off that way but has since evolved into a phrase for a certain kind of music. I've never been really sure what it is, although I know very well what the words "Air Supply" mean to me. I don't believe it can be explained by a few mere words - it just is. And that's enough for me.
      One moment has always been etched in my mind that perhaps would not seem important that all for most people.  It's a brief still frame of a thought that momentarily explained why I was where I was at that particular time. During my early school years in England, I had so much trouble staying grounded In the classroom. The voice in my head always wanted to go out and play, and it was extremely hard to turn that down. It got me into strife quite often. I was a good student and rather liked school, but if I wasn’t engaged, I would float away like a lost to balloon soaring toward a cloud.

      It was October 1,1980, and we were playing our first show in the United States On our own steam. At this time, we were dominating the radio airwaves across the country. You could not turn the radio on and avoid hearing “Lost in Love” or “ All Out of Love”, it was virtually impossible.

      No one had really heard us play live yet, and the anticipation was electric. We were playing Perkin Palace that night, and after that sound check, which takes about 10 minutes for us, I wanted badly to be alone and take in the moment. I walked around the theater and watched people working rolling cables, sweeping the stage and bringing bags from groceries backstage. It was a microcosm that was so interesting to witness and be a part of.

      About 6:30p.m, everything suddenly went quite. I think all the local crew had a meal break, and so I took advantage of that little calm before the oncoming storm and continued my survey of the land. I ended up outside, following the low rumbling sound of diesel engines. Here is where my strange moment began. I came across the semi-trailer truck and the tour bus that would be taking us on our journey for the next three months. They were parked side by side with engines humming in perfect unison. I remember vividly the smell of diesel fuel mingling with the scent of nearby flowers. I couldn’t help but feel that something had been created, and I was witnessing it in its early moments, akin to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon very slowly.

      It was an awakening into another world that I had so longed to be a part of. Things would never be the same, of that I was certain. It was that sudden knowing that was so overpowing. At the same time, it was a surrendering to an unknown future, with an absolute certainty that the journey had begun. And it would be a long that would be everything I never thought it would.

      I stood there next to those imposing engines and though, "Wow. We get to play tonight in this beautiful theater to a capacity crowd of new American A.S. fans, then drive 500 miles overnight to another hugh city and do it all over again." In fact, we would do it again every night for the next six months. The feeling of gratitude toward the universe for letting me realize my dream was so humbling. I still take time every day to stop, take a breath, look at wherever I am and be thankful for the moment that I am sharing with the world and for whatever I am doing in it, knowing that it is right

      成为Air Supply已经很多年了,这已经成为了我生活中的一部分,而不仅仅是一个乐队中的成员而已。我从来不清楚这究竟是什么,尽管我很清楚“空气补给”对我来说意味着什么。我不觉得这可以用只字片语来解释清楚。这对我来说也已经足够了。

      那是1980年10月1日,我们正如火如荼的准备着在美国大秀一场(也是我们的处女秀)。而在当时,我们几乎已经控制了全国所有的无线电台。你根本无法幸免,一打开收音机,他们就在放“Lost in Love” 和 “All Out of Love”,这可真是难以置信。

      而当时,几乎还没有人听过我们的现场演出,那是一场电声演奏,我们要在Perkin Palace进行我们的演出,当那留给我们的仅仅10分钟的试音结束后,我只想独自一人融入到那一刻,我绕着剧院走了又走,看着工作人员卷起电缆,清洁师傅擦拭舞台,把杂物搬回后台。非常微妙,这就像是宇宙中一场不为人知的星尘爆炸,而我居然是其中一部分。

      大约傍晚六点半时分,万物即将走向寂静。我想所有的工作人员已经开始吃饭和休憩片刻,所以我打算趁那迎面而来的风暴到来前的些许平静,继续饶有兴趣的研究下这片地方。我在郊外驻足停步,听到了柴油机低沉的摩擦咬合声。奇怪的事情发生了,接下来三个月,我们约好的半挂卡车和巴士将载我们完成演唱旅程。我还记得那时他们将车在一旁停的整整齐齐,发动机混杂着柴油味一道嗡嗡作响。我对于那时同时闻到路边的迷人花香记忆犹新。除了去感受这一切,我无能为力, 我见证了这一切。


      我站在那些巨大的机器边上,寻思道,"哇,我们今晚要在这美丽的剧院中,为那么多新的美国A.S.歌迷们演出,然后驱车500英里前往另一个大城市,如此反复。" 事实上,我们这样的夜晚将在接下去的6个月时间里持续反复。对于世界的感恩之情让我意识到我的梦想是如此的谦卑。我依然每天花时间静思,深呼吸,无论我在何地,做着何事,都对我和这个世界分享的一切感到感激。


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