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Above: Clive Davis, me and Jodi in Los Angeles, Califonia


      It was 1980 in Los Angeles, California. Russell and I were passengers in a Volkswagen Rabbit, and the driver was a PR person, a woman (can't recall her name) from Arista Records, our record company at the time.

      It was a typically beautiful, sunny California day in February. We had gotten used to these days, as we had spent several of them adding a few more backgrounds to what was to be our second single, "All Out of Love." Funnily enough, we had not heard "Lost in Love" on the radio yet. It had just been released, and our PR person said that it was going to be played for the first time in LA at any moment. The DJ had promised her.

      The unique smell of Southern California was so intoxicating - a mixture of sweet smelling flower, a dash of salt from the ocean breeze and the perfectly perennial burned carbon dioxide.

      I couldn't help but think again as we cruised along the 405 freeway toward Westwood how lucky we were to be there at that moment. Thousands of musicians were certainly much more deserving thatn we. As Russell rightly said ages ago, "We couldn't make any mistakes because we didn't know what we were doing."

      We had signed a record contract with Arista Records, and more particularly with its president, Clive Davis, whom we had already met several times and who told us emphatically that "Lost in Love" was going to be a huge Amierican hit.

      The records had already been a big hit in Australia two years earlier and was entering the Japanese charts, which apparently were difficult to crack. It was also a big in Europe but was performed by Demis Roussos, an extremely popular Greek singer. So, the stage was already set. It's a miracle nobody thought of releasing it in the United States earlier, but then, nobody in those days thought like Clive. We quickly learned that at Arista, his word was law; there were no exceptions. Fortunately, Clive really liked us and saw something that no one else did. We got on like a house on fire. Arista staff would virtually stand to attention when he walked in the room, and we used to laugh about it all the time.

      So there we were, listening to an LA rock station and all the meaningless jibberish that goes along with it, when I heard for the first time in the United States, the simple and hypnotic AAAHs making the beginning of "Lost in Love." The guitar picks seemed so perfect for buzzing along the freeway. No one said a word till the song had finished. I was speechless. It had actually happened. We could offcially say we had been played on American radio, another groundbreaking experience! I knew at that moment that Clive was right. It sounded so good. It just created its own space so perfectly. Nothing on the radio sounded like it; it was a breath of fresh air. About 10 minutes later, the DJ who played it came on the air and said in his best DJ voice, "Hi there, everyone. What is going on? Our phones are lit up like Christamas tree. I don't know who Air Supply is, but we're going to play that record one more time. Wow, what a voice that guy has!" Those were the first two times I heard "Lost in Love" in the United States. Since then, it has been well over 4 million. Rock on !


      加利福尼亚的2月份真的超级美。我们那时已经相当适应那里的日子了,因为我们花了很多时间在录制我们第二支单曲"All Out of Love."中的背景和声。滑稽的是,那时我们还没有在电台里听到过 "Lost in Love" 。单曲已经发行了,我们的PR人员说那时将第一次在洛杉矶的电台播放。电台DJ对她保证过。

      南加利福尼亚的气息是令人心醉的 - 混合着甜蜜的花香,和混和一打海盐的微风,和烧焦的二氧化碳味。


      我们已经和Arista签订了一张唱片合约,而更特别的是已经跟我们见了好几面的公司总裁郑重其事地告诉我们 "Lost in Love" 将会在美国大热。

      这张唱片已经于2年前在澳大利亚发行,并且打进了相当难以征服的日本排行榜。而在欧洲,知名的希腊流行歌手Demis Roussos翻唱了这首歌并且已经打榜,可以说路已经为我们铺平。很神奇的是竟然没有人之前在美国发行过这首歌,那时候,没有人能像Clive那样进行思考,我们在Arista学到的是,他的话就是法律,没有任何例外。幸运的是,Clive真的喜欢我们,并且能够有着旁人没有的远见。我们就像屋子中的熊熊烈火。当他走进屋子的时候,所有的Arista员工几乎是立正姿态,我们那时一直嘲笑他们。

      所以,我们来了,听着洛杉矶的摇滚电台,播放着毫无意义的女权朋克歌曲,当我第一次在电台里听到“Lost In Love”那如催眠般的“啊~~~~”的前奏和声。吉他声听上去完美极了。当歌曲结束前没有人说一句话,我已经无语了。这一切都成真了。我们终于能够正式宣布,我们的歌登上美国电台了,这是历史性的一刻!那一刻,我明白了Clive是对的。听起来棒极了!电台里的别的歌曲都不像我们,这就像一股清新的空气。10分钟过后,DJ那完美的DJ嗓音说了下面的话,“大家好,如何?我们的电话就像点亮的圣诞树一样,一个接着一个。尽管我不知道Air Supply是谁,但是我们将再次播放他们的歌。哇喔~~这主唱有着惊人的嗓音!” 这是我最早的两次在美国听到 "Lost in Love" ,自从那以后,超过了400万次,一起摇滚吧!

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