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第2-8章:爱的通道 - The Tunnel of Love

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Right: The One That You Love album, released in July 1981.

The Tunnel of Love

      In 1981, we had just released the album The One That You Love. The single of the same name was climbing the charts and on its way to No.1. We were on top of the world, touring in the United States for about eight months straight, playing four of five shows a week, living on coaches, zig zagging across the country.

      Our ritual after a show involved getting on the bus, pouring some wine and cranking AC/DC in the back lounge. In those days, it was just Russell; our keyboard player, Frank Esler Smith; our tour manager and I, so we had plenty of space. We would play music till about 2 a.m. and watch a movie or two before collapsing in the bunk. Then we'd wake at a deserted truck stop for breakfast and go back to sleep till we arrived at our next hotel usually around noon.

      This went on for weeks on end. We were young and just bounced back. We never went over-the-top though. We were very responsible, making sure the show always came first. I think the fact that we were a little older when we "made it" gave us more of an adult perspective. Had we been 18 or so, I'm sure it would have gotten out of hand now and again. But it really never did. We just had our way to let off some steam.

      We were scheduled to play shows in Taiwan and were to be the first Western band ever to play there. I'm certain we had to look at a map to see where it was. We had only been to japan so far (several times, too), and that country, we really loved. Taiwan was going to be different for us. We knew they had their own language and that they had very strong ties with mainland China, which to us was pretty far out.

      We were used to long flights, as at this time, we were still living in Australia. So the 18 hours it took to get there was not a big deal. Although I do remember being drained as we landed. That's when all the interviews that would last for several hours started.

      There were several hundred young, screaming fans of somebody present when we finally walked through the customs area. We all looked as if we hadn't slept for weeks, but we soon woke up when we saw all the Air Supply banners the fans were holding. We had no idea they were for us.

      We stopped briefly for a few pictures, as we always did, but the police were out in force and pushed the bulging crowd back so we could get in our cars. It was like the opening scene to A Hard Day's Night. We had no idea this was going to happen; it took us completely by surprise.

      The car ride from the airport to the city seemed to take forever. In traffic, it took more than two hours. We arrived at the hotel, and we couldn't get in the front doors. There were about 2000 fans surrounding the place. We had to drive around the block serveral times to try to fool the crowd, but they had seen us in the cars and just kept singing. They weren't going anywhere! Our Taiwanese promoter began to look nervous, which made us feel nervous, too. We thought we had to get out of the cars or they might roll them over. We drove up as close as we could get to the front doors. The hotel staff and the police made a tunnel of arms for us to run through that was about 100 feet long. I remember looking at the tunnel and being really worried that I might break an arm or leg.

      One by one we made the dash. We each got about five feet before the tunnel just collapsed from the weight of the crowd. I could see Russell in front of me - he was upside down, his shirt being ripped to shreds. girls pulling at anything they could touch. We finally made it to the hotel elevators. My shirt, necklace and belt were gone, and I had lost one shoe. It was such a relief when the door closed. We went to our rooms and young fans had already found their way to our floor. For the next two days until the show, we were hotel room bound. All our meals were service, which I'm not a big fan of, but we just couldn't go outside at all. They security they had in place didn't know what to do. They had never seen anything like this before. After all, were were the first Westerners that some of them had ever seen. They would stare at us. They were being invaded by a different culture.

      The show two days later was a great success. We played a hugh domed arena with a laser horse projected on the roof. (Why a horse, I don't know, but it looked impressive.) I remember the sound in the venue was a boomy as could be, but that was the norm. In those days, it was always hard getting the monitors loud enough over the delay. We never got used to that. It was years before the advent of ear monitors.

      The defining moment for me involved the intensity of the young fans. I couldn't help but imagine what it was like for "them" all the time, 24 hours a day. For us, it was just an odd occurrence. I understood then why The Beatles stopped touring in 1966.

      What we didn't realize then was that we were planting seeds that would grow into a long-lasting relationship with Asian audiences. We learned that they are very loyal fans and that they love the big epic ballads. We certainly had lots of those. The ride from the airport to Taiwan still feels long though.

     1981年,我们刚刚发行了专辑The One That You Love。同名单曲在排行榜上直接攀上冠军。我们登上了世界之巅,我们会在美国不停巡演8个月,一周演4或5场。在这个国家“颠沛流离”。

      我们在演出后的巴士上的仪式包括了倒酒,在后休息室里摇动AC/DC电源。那些日子里,只有Russell,我们的键盘手Frank Esler Smith,我们的巡演经理还有我,所以我们有大把大把的空档。我们玩音乐玩到凌晨2点。在倒头睡觉前看场电影。 接着我们会被叫醒,在卡车站里吃早饭,然后继续回去睡觉。直到到下一个酒店,通常这都已经到了中午了。




      当我们最终走出乘客区的时候,有几百位年轻尖叫的粉丝突然出现。我们看上去个个都像是几个星期没有睡觉的样子,而当我们看到粉丝们高举Air Supply的横幅的时候,我们瞬间被叫醒的感觉。我们对这些粉丝毫无招架之力。

      正如以前那样,我们停下来合了一些影,但是警察暴力的把人群往后面推,为了让我们可以坐进小轿车。这就像Beatles的“A Hard Days's Night”开场的场景。我们完全不知道会发生这档子事,这完全给了我们惊喜。






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